Paint job: Thousand Sons Armour

Greetings fellow adventurers, I have returned from the smouldering ash wastes of Prospero. My journeys have been long and arduous. The siren songs have lured me away from the arcane path. Days turned to weeks; and weeks to months but I have finally broken their spell. Returned I am, and bounty I brought with me.

Check out my latest additions to my Thousand Sons – a Chaos Vindicator and and a humble Rhino. Both originally belonged to my regular Chaos Space Marines warband – The Lords of Ascension. That warband is now retired after serving me well since the beginning of 5th. The tanks have been repainted to fit my 8th Thousand Sons.

Now check them out!

The Vindicator have been equipped with a Combi-Bolter and a Havoc Launcher. The Havoc Launcher is the missile launcher arm from the Helbrute kit. The paint job is quick and dirty but I’m pleased with it.

This Rhino is a veritable gun tank with double Combi-Bolters and a Havoc Launcher. Again a simple paint job, nothing fancy at all.

My Thousand Sons are getting ready for the Iron Oracle Rises campaign this weekend.

Until next time, All is Dust!


14 thoughts on “Paint job: Thousand Sons Armour

    1. You and me both, mate. The days just kept on passing by and before I knew it October had ended and I still hadn’t posted. It happens I guess.

      Glad you like the tanks, especially the dozer blade. I put some effort into it and it turned out pretty sweet.

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      1. I have to build list for the weekend since we’re playing the campaign. I’ll mix the units that I have to fit the different missions. I’ll try and get the list posted with a few army shots as well.


  1. Looking great! (as always ^^)
    It will be a great weekend and it will be great fun facing your thousand sons army. Worried about “all is dust” , but hoping my swarm of nids will eat through it!
    “Quantity has a quality all its own”
    – Joseph Stalin

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