War Zone Coward: The Iron Oracle Rises

One of my favourite things about the hobby is creating background settings for gaming, writing campaigns and all the things that we know as Forge a Narrative. For the last couple of years we had this beer and pretzels weekender of 40k gaming and for every weekender I’ve written a campaign. Last year saw the planet of Hague being overrun by Tyranids and the year before that we fought for domination of the planet Mons Falco.

This year see the Thousand Sons unravel a millennia old scheme as they try to unleash an ancient and tainted Warlord Titan, Iron Oracle, from its Warp prison. I did a couple of teasers for this like ten month ago or so. Yeah, it took some time to finish it. And as always the hardest part is finding believable reasons for six different armies to converge on battlefield.

But here it is. Printed on thick fancy paper and all. Check it out.

I did a couple of custom missions as well, using the Open War cards.

With the campaign booklet done I can focus on finishing my Thousand Sons. Fully painted = +1 Command Point.

Keep on trucking.


17 thoughts on “War Zone Coward: The Iron Oracle Rises

      1. There’s no special software solution involved here – I used Word to do the layout. All pictures are processed on my iPhone using Pixlr.

        I did the document in A3, so I had two A4 pages next to each other. I did this so that I didn’t have to struggle with changing the text columns on every page. I did four column – small, big, big, small – so that every page a small text column on the margin away from the centre. The problems you need to deal with when doing it like this are the page order (your basically writing it from the first and last page at the same time) and text flow (the text wants to flow across the entire A3 page). To get control over the page order I did a mock up of the booklet to understand in which order I should write the damn thing. It isn’t intuitive at all. And to control the text flow I made sure that texts fit the space. I cut pieces from the manuscript or moved it to another part.

        With the text done I added the background picture. I made it using Pixlr. It is made from two black picture that I’ve added filter after filter on and then merged into one. I inserted the picture to the document, placing it behind the text, making sure it covered the entire A3.

        Finally I added the pictures to the document. Again I used Pixlr to add filters and make the colours fit together. The pictures have a soft frame (25-50 pixels) to make them blend into the background.

        I saved the booklet as a PDF on a USB stick and went to my local print shop and had them print it on thick glossy paper. I could have printed it on a normal office laser on normal paper.

        Word is a horrible program to this kind of work in but it’s the one I have access to. The levels of frustration when doing the layout have been massive. I think Adobe InDesign would be your goto choice of dedicated software for this kind of work.


    1. It wasn’t free, the printing but damn it looks good.

      The warlord is safely tucked away in the mining pits for the battle. I felt it was a somewhat cheaper plot solution. 😀


  1. I am so looking forward to the weekend in November. Gaming, beers and some good laughs! You did an amazing job Thomas, making our gamingweekend something extra! Cool fluff, great missions in an even greater package.

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