WIP: Thousand Sons Heldrake, part 1

Along with the Numinous Occulum I also picked up a Heldrake. This too at half price. I actually wanted a Predator but they did have any so after a bit of peer pressure I ended up with the Space Dragon. It's my first one. I wasn't really a fan of the model. Before. Now that I've gotten my hands on it I've soften up a bit. It is actually quite cool.

My plan is to use it as a Harassment Drake. Fly up burn something soft (D6 S6 Ap-2 Dam2 auto hits is good but not amazing on its own) and lock some shooting unit or two for a turn. I expect it to die every single game. The speed and ability to reach out and touch any unit in the game on turn one is fantastic. I think the Heldrake most definitely can have a place in a Thousand Sons army.

The build was a bit fiddly but quite straightforward. I decided to keep it subassembled to make painting a bit easier. I understand that painting can be quite a pain. Hopefully will the subassembly help a bit.

After priming it black I painted all trims and well just about everything else too with Retributor Gold. If you plan on painting Thousand Sons be smart and buy a can of spray. God, countless hours lost painting every model by hand. After painting it gold I washed it heavily with Drakenhof Nightshade. Next step will be a drybrush with Liberator Gold. But the thing needs to dry first.

All is dust.


10 thoughts on “WIP: Thousand Sons Heldrake, part 1

  1. Absolutely spot on. Thousand Sons signature units are all so slow and shooty that I’d almost default to Heldrakes and Maulerfiends in the other slots – you need your headhunters in there!

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  2. I’ve noticed that Chaos for the most part lacks the ability to easily shoot somewhat protected characters because of a lack of snipers, etc. The heldrake with its flamer and mobility might be good for softening them up or even killing lesser characters outright. Heck, if a character only has one or two wounds left it might be useful the next turn for the heldrake to go hand-to-hand. For a vehicle it seems like it is pretty good at CC, especially if it hasn’t been beaten down some already.

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    1. Yeah, I think you’re right. Unless your opponent completely bubble wrap its characters you should be able to fly over their lines and burn them from behind. You should do 4-6 unsaved wounds quite reliably on a character unless they are really tough. And if everything is protected you can always hunt softer long range units like the new Primaris Aggressors (?).

      I hope it’ll work well ‘cos there’s like a million little boxes to colour in the damn thing.

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