WIP: Forgefiend conversion, part 8

Resurrected from the its long dark slumber in the box of not-right-now-projects my Forgefiend Conversion has returned. Some of you might remember this massive undertaking from about a year ago. I threw myself head first into this project but in the end it got the best of me. After several weeks of work I couldn’t bring myself to work on it anymore. It was just too overwhelming.

I’m calling it a conversion because I use some existing bits but it is more of a scratch build. Anyway, as I’ve been working on my Thousand Sons the Forgefiend’s clawed its way back into my consciousness. I want to add it to my Sons.
Check out the old posts here.


The first I realised when I looked at the old WIP-posts was that I had some progression that I never documented. So let’s start by getting that out of the way.

Problem areas include the fleshborer hive and the hip.
Tail – A year ago I talked about adding a tail to balance the Forgefiend. It is front heavy. I obviously made a tail out of pipes, wire and rods. It looks pretty good. I don’t know what to do with Fleshborer Hive bit resting on top of the tail. Should I try to smooth it or make it a bit bigger adding trims or just leave it as it is? Help me Obi-Wan, your my only hope.

I need to do something with the hip as well. Maybe sculpt armour plates on each side of the spikes.

I think I need to do something about the upper leg/thigh, it need armour or something on the front part.
Head and neck – I connected the head to the torso by sculpting a cool transition. Loads of wires and cables showing. Ok, I’m a bit biased but it’s awesome. I’m impressed with how good it looks. There is nothing more to do here. The head still needs a bit of detailing.

Ignore the Hades Autocannons for the moment and all eyes on the necks.

Really happy about this work.
With the old stuff out of the way let’s check out what I did last night.
You’ve seen the Hades Autocannons. I needed to cut the up a bit before I could secure them to the body as I wanted to make sit a bit tighter to the body. I think I dropped about 5mm.

Precision tools are sometimes need, other times not so much.
I felt that the upper body was a bit too long making the Daemon Engine feel a bit imbalanced. So I decided to just cut off a few pieces and hope for the best. The gambit payed off and the Forgefiend is now more upright and more compact. Less hulking, more intimidating.

I also added some armour.

The armour plates are a bit square but they’ll do.

The armour plates give the Forgefiend some extra bulk.
I quite pleased that picked up this project again. And the work I did last night really lifted the model in my book. A couple of more hours to close the building phase is needed. Then the painting begins …

Not sure if I’m going to keep it sub assembled or put it together before painting.
I need to buy a base for this one.

Just for scale.

Is it worth continuing this project?All comments are most welcome. 


16 thoughts on “WIP: Forgefiend conversion, part 8

  1. I definitely think it’s worth continuing. You’ve got a cool, hulking, ragged mix of machine and organic-type parts going. That’s far more how I picture daemon engines than the sometimes “too sleek” look of some of the official Games Workshop models (even if they do look cool too).

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      1. I appreciate the assist! I really like the Maulerfiend – creepy and unique and brutal. The organic and machine parts blend well, but from a couple of angles it almost looks like some big, muscled monster in partial power armor, which is somehow EVEN SCARIER. Well done, mate!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. That is looking well so far and really glad you went back to the project. I like the square armour, reminds me of some 30k pieces.

    My one thought is you should drop the guns lower to the sides. It would help imply the weight of them and bring the stance into a more solid look.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, square armour is maybe more 30k. Good call!

      How do you mean drop the guns lower? Like the point more downwards or that they connect with the body at another point?


      1. At the moment the guns come straight out from the body but I feel there should be drag down from the shoulders. They ahould be lower than the head.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. It lives! Glad to see you’ve picked this up again. Think both Rory and Azazel make good points (regarding the guns and feet respectively) but otherwise it’s looking good. Don’t give up now!

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