WIP: Thousand Sons Sorcerer, part 1

Here’s a few WIP-shots of a Sorcerer in Terminator Armour that I’m throwing together with spare bits (both ancient and new). The legs for example are from the early 90s boxed game Space Crusade. As you can tell, I’ll play him as a Thousand Sons Sorcerer. I’m putting together a pure Thousand Sons force for 8th edition. More on that shortly. 

Poorly lit models are something of my specialty.

As he can’t take an Inferno Combi-Bolter I went for a powerful Combi-Plasma instead. Combi-Weapons are really, really good in 8th as you can fire the Combi-Weapon more than once now. 
Sculpting shoulder guard are horribly hard. They turned out ok I guess.

The Sorcerer in Terminator Armour is a quite strong HQ choice for Chaos Space Marines (and Thousand Sons). Check out the dataslate.

Preview leak thingy

Can you spot or guess all bits used? The legs are, like I said, from the Chaos Space Marine in Space Crusade but where does the rest come from …

Force Sword because … you know … bits …

And remember: All is dust!


7 thoughts on “WIP: Thousand Sons Sorcerer, part 1

  1. Very nice work here. I’m guessing that the feathers are from a skink priest of some description, or perhaps the new Sigmarines or one of the Tzeentch models? I’m not too familiar with all the new plastic bits of recent vintage. The dangly thng on his front looks like it’s off a necron, and the two halves of the “egg” where his head lies look to be TS shoulderpads cut down? The flames make mr think they might be good for Legion of the Damned…

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    1. Cheers mate! The feathers are from the Seraphon range so you’re pretty close. From the Warriors kit. So is the dangly thing. The torso and “egg” is from the brand new Scarab Occult Terminators kit. You get quite a few extra bits. The loincloth is from the Rubric Marines kit.

      The Combi-Plasma is made from regular SM plasma pistol and half of the Combi-bolter in the Cataphractii kit. The force sword is actually the top of 30k Ahriman’s force stave.

      And finally, the robe is from the quite old Chaos Terminator Lord kit. Just cut down to like half size.

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