The Albino Woods 

I made some DIY wire trees and got them painted too! That’s another Check! on the hobby list. I’m on fire (a very slow burning and flickering fire). 

Clash in the Albino Woods, Age of Sigmar style.

The wire trees are made by wire (duh!) stringed together and bent into some kind of tree shape with twigs, branches and roots. The bark is just hot glue pulled and shaped. One of the trees have bark made out of plaster, glue and toilet paper. That barks looks a bit better but it took about forever to do. Hot glue on the other hand … a few minutes a pop. 

The trees are glued onto hard board roughly the size of a small blast maker. The edges have been sanded down. I used a mix of plaster, construction glue and sand on the bases to give them some texture. I even put a few stones on them for good measure. 

I painted the trees with the Albino Woods in mind. I maybe took the name a bit literally but there is some truly disturbing with pale, white bark. They might not look it but I put a fair bit of work into painting them so shabby. Layers, washes, highlights over and over again.

I continued the desolated winter theme for the bases, bleak and dark colours, a little bit of turf and some snow. It looks very cool with both models and terrain sharing the same basing and theme. 

Oh, I added the skull stack and skull spiders that Mark from Heresy of us sent me a few months ago. I think they added a ton of character to the trees. I only wish I had a few more skull spiders. 

Here’s some pictures of the trees together with the models from Storm of Sigmar. 


18 thoughts on “The Albino Woods 

    1. Cheers! I got the idea when searching the internet for ways to make DIY trees. I have no memory of where I found it or who it was that posted it. But it was a very effective way.

      I think you could use hot glue to make say alien textures or molten lava too.

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  1. Very nice, simple method and fast on top. Using the hot glue as bark is indeed a nice touch. Overall the results are visually pleasing. I think I may use the hot glue method for my own stuff, but more as a base coat to apply the carved wood filler bark on top.

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    1. Cheers mate! Hot glue was really easy and it looks pretty good. Better than I expected to be honest.

      It would be great as a base to build upon. It becomes quite hard yet flexible which is good for the lesser branches.


    1. Cheers mate! I love me an old school DIY terrain build. I stumbled upon an PDF of the GW book How to make Wargames Terrain a few years back and that’s an awesome piece of reference literature.

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