WIP: INQ28 The Chapel Warband, part 7

-I hear ye boys, I really do. But let me explain for a wee bit before ye all decide not to takes us down to the Chapel. 

The crew scruffed and wailed as the old man spoke. Sure, he was their captain but they had been through it all and more together. He was first and foremost one of them. He was the first among equals. 

-The Chapel is bloody murder and we all knows it. So we dun fancy hearing any faery tales, cap’n.  

-Ye got me all wrong, mate. Trust me on this one. Not here to sprinkle stardust on the endeavour. 

The captain was an old man by any means of counting but still hard as nails. He had to be, the men sitting in front of him were no seal cubs. They were a wild bunch – a rag tag mix of deserters, adventurers, killers, misfits and rejects. But they were family too. His lads, one and all. 

-Let me put it straight – we’re in the death zone, boys. But that’s just where we wanna be. Innit?

Barabbas Jones gritted his teeth and pulled his fingers through his thick, white beard. This was going to be a tough sell no doubt but no tougher than the time he got them to raid the Ork stronghold on Jerring Six or the time they had to evade an Eldar war host by traversing the Tzara Gulf. As he remembered, he started to smile, never breaking eye contact his crew. 

-Beware lads, the cap’n got his silver tongue ready! 

The comment from Gunn tore down a releasing laughter. It was true of course. He would tell them all they needed to hear and they would follow him to hell and back. Again. 

-It’s probably all true. All the horror stories we heard. From seriously frightening denizens of the Albino Wood to the horrors in Under Chapel and below. Hell, the Chapel proper will be full murderers and killers too. See the Chapel …

The Captain didn’t get to finish as Dokk interrupted him as he spoke. It happened all the time. 

-The ghosts! Dun forget the ghosts, boss!

-I ain’t forget no ghosts, they be true too, no doubt. But you know, that’s why we  got Quellus with us on drops like this, right?

-Ay but … 

Barabbas was starring Dokk down. Locking him down, shutting him off. Dokk felt the captain giving he the evil eye. 

-But what, Dokk? Dun think Quellus can’t handle some restless spirits on this rock? Who do you think keep the Toulumne safe when we sail through the Warp? We got Quellus and you keep jibbering about some damn ghosts. 

It was all an act – the anger, snares and stares. There was no room for doubt on this one. 

-Emperor save me, Dokk, didn’t expect you to be such a, Barabbas paused, weighing the last words for maximum impact, Krochak dalywacker. 

The crew laughed, giving Dokk jabs on the shoulder. Dokk stood up, red in the face, pointing at his captain. 

-Now look here, captain, I ain’t afraid of no ghost. Just wanna be sure we knows what we do here. I’m all game!

– That’s the Dokk I know, welcome back lad! The captain gave him a big smile and a nod. We ain’t take unnecessary risks here but let’s keep thing in proportion. 

-As I’s saying, the Chapel harbours death in all shape and form but d’ye know what else it harbours? Riches. Riches beyond anything we’ve see before. And I aim to claim it. 

He lifted his hand grabbing hold of some invisible treasure in front of him. Then another one and another one. As he did he knew he had them. The crew was ripe. 

-Are ye with me, boys? Are ye ready to get rich?

*** *** ***

Let me introduce to you Barabbas Jones, Rogue Trader and Captain of the Tuolumne, The Scurvy Tracker. He will be taking command of a second Warband I got installed for The Chapel. This Warband will be less Weirdhammer compared to the Horrors of the Undergrowth. I should build this Warband quite fast I hope. 

I’m a Rogue Trader can’t you tell.

I’ll give ye the evil eye, lad!

Still WIP but let me know what you think?


20 thoughts on “WIP: INQ28 The Chapel Warband, part 7

    1. Pirate you say, well son, nuthin’s further from the truth. See, I’m jus’ a helpful ol’ fella. I see you carryin’ all this bounty and I wager that you’re jus’ lookin’ for a way to unburden yerself. This’ were I ‘nd the lads come in. We jus’ luv to give a helpin’ hand. Again I wager, you’ll ask me to help you carry that bounty. Innit so, lads? He’ll be beggin’ us to help ‘im.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Nice work – very much reads as an ostentatious Rogue Trader – just close enough to a pirate to look like a rascal, just far enough away to get away with it. Looking forward to seeing the rest of his crew.

    Liked by 1 person

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