WIP: INQ28 The Chapel Warband, part 6

Time for another post … or how Thomas got his groove back. Yes, I’m returned. I got a few hours worth of hobby last night and, brother, it felt good I tell you. I’ve been watching the progress on The Chapel made over the last weeks and it’s been frustrating to sit on side so to speak. 

Mark keep bringing us ghosts and other esoteric things from the darkness within the Chapel. The latest one, the Black Tide is nothing short of amazing. Wudugast has countered by inventing a new order within the Inquisition to battle restless dead – the Ordo Mors. Brilliant idea, mate! Alex fleshed out the Albino Woods to great effect while mustering a Xenos Warband of Exodite Aeldari. His latest concept of wooden Wraith Constructs is so cool. Remnante too has ventured into Albino Woods. His Warband is weird, bleak … Blanche! IRO has, true to form, given us an awesome set brutal, hard men. From his Fanatics to his Mercs, it’s kitbashing galore and what’s not to like with dudes carrying spears and space uzis? The privateer crew from Heresy30k is another cool concept coming to life. But question is if his servitors and other things from the Orphic Catacombs isn’t cooler still. 

Yeah, it’s been hard not having any hobby time. But now, without further ado – I present to you the Narrator (with Jenna and Otto).

Boom! The comeback. Doesn’t he look the part?
I gave him Jenna’s Chainsword too.

This Xenos Shedder is hyper lightweight so carrying it in one hand ain’t a thing, ok?

Meet Jenna and Otto (and Mr. Moldline).

Still WIP. Moldline, gaps and details left to do but I really like the Narrator. Hope you do too. 

Keep on trucking. 


11 thoughts on “WIP: INQ28 The Chapel Warband, part 6

    1. Cheers, life happened.

      And on guns one handed. Well not really a fan either but I figured that it’s an Eldar design so it really should be very light weight and he is just carrying it one-handed not using it.

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  1. Aaaw yeah boi! Good to see you involved mate, the Narrator is superb! He’s radiating a really cool menace, and I love the pose. I particularly like how the model asks questions – why the xenos gun? Whose heads are they? Who is his tailor? Hopefully answers to at least two of those questions will become apparent in time 😉

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    1. Cheers mate! I just knew I had to have Jenna and Otto together with the Narrator. At first I was contemplating turning them into Servo Skulls floating about but I then I thought that it would be more morbid having him just carry his friends around like that. Since he’s pretty much lost his mind already he still get to talk to them.


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