War Zone Coward: The Iron Oracle Rises – Timeline

Way back in December I posted a couple of teasers for a 40k campaign that I’m writing. I was confident that I would be able to finish it before the end of the year but, guess what, I didn’t. Most of the campaign is however done, just a few more hours of work remain. I did write a timeline of the events leading up to the actual campaign. The timeline is there to give a reasonable explaination to why the diffrent factions (Agents of the Imperium, Raven Guard, Astra Militarum, Orks, Tyranids, Genestealer Cults, Chaos Daemons and Heretic Astartes) end up on a lowly, distant planet in a long-forgotten system on the Eastern Fringe.


The main story arc is as follows:

During the Horus Heresy a loyalist Warlord Titan is thrown into a Warp infused stasis during a cataclysmic battle. The abandoned Princep develops a strong Warp presence over the eons and is discovered by a Lord of Change who orchestrates his fall and damnation. The Princep is reborn in Warp as the Iron Oracle and like most creatures of the Warp he struggles to reach beyond the Veil of Reality and reclaim his place in the Materium. Driven by hatred of both the Imperium who abandoned him and the Lord of Change who damned his soul – the Iron Oracle set the wheels of Fate in motion. Deals are brokered and pacts sealed; together with his allies, the Chaos Space Marines warband the Lords of Ascension, a trap is set and the battle can commence …

Timeline – The Twisting Path

+++ +++ +++ 302.M41 Ambush on Mord +++ +++ +++

Upon their victorious return from the Barabax Campaign Strike Force Cillian of the Raven Guard 4th Company is lured into a trap on the outskirts of the Mord Cluster. Following ferocious boarding action the Lord of Ascension captures the Raven Guard’s Gladius Striker ‘Silent Redemption’. The surviving Astartes and crew are ritually slaughtered to a man and the craft is desecrated and abandoned in the Warp.


+++ +++ +++ 597.M41 The Map of Madness +++ +++ +++

Hundreds of Sanctioned Psykers assigned to the Lyssa Crusade succumb to madness and insanity after witnessing the Iron Oracle during Warp travel. After examining thousands of hours of seemingly random prophecies, divinations and ramblings the Arch-Cognitor Lord Sytax find a pattern to the madness. Or more precisely he finds a map to an immeasurable treasure – a fully functional Warlord Titan from the age of the Horus Heresy. The Sanctioned Psykers are all executed; for their own good.


+++ +++ +++ 613.M41 Conquest of the Sea +++ +++ +++

Lord Sytax leads an ill-omened expedition into the Sea of Haunted Souls Nebula, navigating solely by the Map of Madness. After 143 weeks at sea they reach the long forgotten star system they seek. The human colonies of the system have been cut off from the Imperium for over 7,000 years. In celebration of their return to the Imperium of Man the system is renamed the Cognitor’s Ward.

+++ +++ +++ 652.M41 Seeds of Destruction +++ +++ +++

Materializing in close orbit, the ancient Space Hulk ‘Seed of Destruction’ bypass the orbital defences and crash on the surface of the Daar Heim Hive World. Out from the burning wreck pour Heretic Astartes from the Lords of Ascension. A quickly mounted counter-attack by the Astra Militarum contain the Chaos invaders and the Lords of Ascension leave the planet less than half a day after the attack, leaving only the thousands of dead and the wreckage of the Space Hulk in their wake.


+++ +++ +++ 727.M41 The Frozen Waaagh! +++ +++ +++

Warboss Bigtooth launch a Waaagh! aiming to traverse the Sea of Haunted Souls and reach the Imperial Worlds beyond. Most of the Waaagh! is lost in the anomaly’s vast void but a Weirdboy “guided by an Iron voice” steers a sizable fleet to the Cognitor’s Ward. Bigtooth reach the Everfrozen plains outside the Primaris Hive on Venria, there he’s caught off guard by a massive Cryo Storm and vanishes in the blistering cold.

+++ +++ +++ 770.M41 The Hundred Year Purge +++ +++ +++

The Ordo Xeno of the Inquisition send multiple Kill Teams to Daar Heim after reports of multi-limbed monsters in the dark. A hundred year purge follow before the planet is finally declared cleansed from its Genestealer infestation. The final investigation concludes that the infestation originated from the crashed Space Hulk.

+++ +++ +++ 784.M41 The Shadows of Hunger +++ +++ +++

The Leviathan Splinter Fleet dubbed Hunger fall upon Hive World of Daar Heim; drawn to the system by the Genestealers’ psychic beacon that burned decades earlier. The self-sacrifice of the Astra Militarum saves the lives of several hundred of thousand souls but the planet and most of its six billion inhabitants are ultimately consumed by the Tyranids.

+++ +++ +++ 830.M41 One True Name +++ +++ +++

A thousand years has passed when Sorcerer Sol Mikh’ar finally returns for his voyage past the Eye of Terror. In his possession is the one true name of the Lord of Change Xa’Tze’Lan’Rh, the Regent of Lies.


+++ +++ +++ 861.M41 The Daar Heim Diaspora +++ +++ +++

The survivors from Daar Heim end their 70 years long journey through the void by settling on the planet of Jonah’s Song in the Cognitor’s Ward system. A hard life on the mining outpost awaits them but at least they got a new place to call home. Unbeknownst to all by an inner circle of cultists is the Purestrain Genestealer they carry in their hold.

+++ +++ +++ 967.M41 The Monsters in the Labyrinth +++ +++ +++

After having lost their enclave on Hague to the Tyranids, the Tau launch a campaign to secure the colonies in the Altwon subsector from the Tyranid threat. On the Promethium Shores north of the Sea of Haunted Souls Nebula the Tau catch the emerging Splinter Fleet Hunger in a deadly ambush that leaves the Tyranids all but destroyed. The Tau continue to hunt the remaining Tyranids as they flee back into the Nebula. The decimated Splinter Fleet is finally lost in Gorman’s Maze on the outer rim of the Cognitor’s Ward.

+++ +++ +++ 984.M41 Bigtooth strikes again +++ +++ +++

Following the Great Thaw of 984, the presumed dead Warboss Bigtooth returns from his frozen state to sack Venria. After years of fighting the Orks are purged from Venria but the Orks continue to plague the system.


+++ +++ +++ 993.M41 Welcome to Coward +++ +++ +++

To counter the ever growing Ork menace in the Cognitor’s Ward, 74th Cadian Auxiliary regiment is relocated to the system and its outer rim planets. Locked in continues and gruelling combat with the Orks the jaded guardsmen of the 74th dub the system the Co’ Ward or more accurately Coward. No one outside the 74th really understand why but the name sticks.

+++ +++ +++ 053.999.M41 Visions of Loot +++ +++ +++

The ‘Silent Redemption’ reappear after being lost in the Warp for 697 years and captured by Da Mad Mek and the Orks on Da Asterok. Upon boarding the desolated craft Da Mad Mek triggers hidden sorcerous wards and is overcome with visions of the ancient Warlord Titan about to be unearthed on Jonah’s Song. Da Mad Mek joins forces with Warboss Bigtooth launch an invasion of the planet.

+++ +++ +++ 223.999.M40 Heart of the Iron Oracle +++ +++ +++

The Lords of Ascension raid the Shrine World of Moot Harkin during the final stages of a Tyranid invasion to secure an ancient relic found on the planet. Even though Chaos Lord Piet Haine, the Dread King of Altwon, fall during the attack the Lords of Ascension capture the artefact in the end.


+++ +++ +++ 500.999.M40 The Song of War +++ +++ +++

Lord Sytax is killed by Genestealer Cultists on an inspection tour of the main excavation sites on Jonah’s Song. The murder of the Arch-Cognitor sparks the Cult uprising and all-out war erupts on the planet as more and more factions are drawn to conflict and the prize hidden in the pits.


Keep on keeping on, mates!



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