The Chapel calls you

When Mark over at Heresy of Us launched his collective The Chapel project I immediately got on board. Since then I made a few models for my INQ28-style Warband and written a couple of background pieces too. The project has spread across our little patch of the blogosphere. There is plenty of cool stuff being done and I for one can’t wait to see what Mark and everyone else brings forth next. If you’ve been following The Chapel project you’ve already seen this little package that the has been delivered across the world. 

I got my this week. The calling. 

Pretty sweet, right. But wait that’s not all, just check out these goodies from Black Earth. 

I can’t wait to get cracking with this cool stuff. Unfortunately, time is the one thing I don’t have right now. I and the family are moving to Stockholm, where I got a new job. We bought a new house that is in a dire state so I’m working on the house every waking hour (when I’m not at work). 

Keep on trucking

19 thoughts on “The Chapel calls you

    1. Cheers! The new job is coming along nicely. Which is great. And well, I’ll threat myself to some hobby time once the family is relocated and things settle down a bit. It just isn’t possible to prioritise the hobby right now.


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