Dark Eldar list building 

With the release of the Gangs of Commorragh and the Start Collecting box building a Dark Eldar army has never been cheaper. The Dark Eldar range is one of the coolest in 40k and I’ve been eyeing the models for a long, long time. 

I have started to muster a Realspace Raiding party, aiming for 1850 points. The plan is cheap and notably different from my other two armies – my Chaos Space Marines and Tyranids. Those armies are a bit on the slow side and both are lacking in the shooting phase. So what I want from my Dark Eldar raiders are: speed and shooting. And thankfully that’s two things that emo-kin do well. Not like game breaking good but good. 

This is the list I got in my head. I’m using the Realspace Raiders Detachment [RRD]. It’s pretty crappy. The Command Benefits are lacking. You can reroll on the Dark Eldar Warlord table, but why would you the traits aren’t that great. All troops gain a 5+ cover save first turn and every one else gain a 6+. That’s it. 

The reason to bring the Realspace Raiders Detachment over the ubiquitous Combined Arms Detachment is simple – the RRD allows you to bring a whooping six Fast Attack choices. And when you got a need for speed this detachment is just what the doctor ordered. 

So what will I bring in my Kabal of the Poison Flower (or maybe Kabal of Infinite Sorrow, I can’t decide) list? Well, let me break it down for you.


Archon – tooled up with a Huskblade, Shadow Field, Haywire Grenades, Parasite’s kiss and a Webway Portal. 


9 Kabalite Trueborn in a Raider – Dracon with Agoniser and Haywire Grenades, four Blasters, Raider with Dark Lance, Enhanced Aethersails and Nightshields (3+ jink!)

The Archon joins them and use the Webway Portal to drop in and nuke something. 

5 Mandrakes


10 Kabalite Warriors in Raider – Sybarite with Power Sword and Haywire Grenades, Splinter Cannon, Raider with Dark Lance, Enhanced Aethersails, Nightshields and Splinter Racks

5 Wyches in a Venom – Hekatrix with Agoniser and Haywire Grenades, Venom with two Splinter Cannons

Fast Attack

10 Hellions – Helliarch with Agoniser

10 Hellions – Helliarch with Agoniser

6 Reavers – Arena Champion with Power Sword, two Blasters, two Cluster Caltrops

6 Reavers – Arena Champion with Power Sword, two Heat Lances, two Cluster Caltrops

3 Reavers – Blaster, Cluster Caltrops 

10 Scourges – Solarite with Power Lance, two Heat Lances, Two Haywire Blasters


11 thoughts on “Dark Eldar list building 

  1. Have you decided on colours yet? The Mandrakes look cool. That’s what counts I think. Back in fourth edition I gave my Hive Tyrant the lash whip bonesword combo because it looked cool. Forums panned it because the option was not as competitive. I took it because I liked the imagery of the Tyrant whipping the Guard. I roll out Pyrovores too because I like the models. If you like the model then use it right.

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    1. Have you seen my Wyches? I have a light blue base colour with gold details. I didn’t want to go all emo and goth with black or dark colours. And Mandrakes, I like both the idea of them and their rules. Sneaky, shadow predators.

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