WIP: Gangs of Commorragh, part 2

Heeeeellioooons! Come out to play!

With the Reavers built I continued with the Hellions. Again mostly straight out of the box. I was a bit sceptical about Hellions before I got started and the jury is still out. Some are really cool, with awesome details, heads and poses while others are simple weird and awkward. A big pro is the inclusion of female Hellions. That goes for all Dark Eldar units I worked on this far. 

Overall, I’m positively surprised by the Hellion kit. The models look pretty cool in a big pack. The Skyboards that they ride on look like birds of prey. I like them a lot. 

The riders and the Skyboards are still not glued to each other. I want to paint them separately. 

The middle one is slightly converted with the left arm from the Scourges kit.


13 thoughts on “WIP: Gangs of Commorragh, part 2

    1. Hahaha, dead for sure! There’s this thing called a hoverboard today, you’ve probably seen it. It’s a motorised mini Segway, two small wheels connected by a flat, thin standing area. You just stand on it and steer it by tilting yourself. YouTube is full of old folks trying it out, falling off and breaking legs and hips. Just imagine if it was hovering six feet up. Naw, give me a …hmmm … aaaah … an auspex maybe. 40k gear doesn’t have many civilian uses.

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    1. I’m aiming for 1850 points.

      Another Gangs, a start collecting and squad plus raider box, more scourges and maybe a venom.

      List, using the Realspace Raiders for six fast attack slots, will be something like

      Archon tooled up with portal
      Trueborn with blasters in raider
      Mandrakes (I’ll use my Ostium Guides)
      Warriors and raider
      Wyches and venom

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      1. One thing you might want to check out Thomas. The new eldar book has a formation which allows you to take all the different eldar bikes, and ambush them from all four table edges. Might be a fun thing to fit into your fast moving list.

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      2. Yeah, that sounds like a fun formation. Could be extremely effective. But I’m with Vect when it comes to that new God and those religious fanatics. Bring on the Aeldari civil war!


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