WIP: Gangs of Commorragh, part 1

I’ve started to build the models from Gangs of Commorragh. Here are my Reavers. Pretty much straight out of the box. I did convert the Arena Champion, giving her the Solarite head and chain weapon from the Scourge box. 

The riders aren’t glued to the jet bikes yet. I want to keep them separate for easier painting. The bikes should be pretty straight forward to paint. Just thin that paint. 

The clear stems have become a bit “foggy”, I don’t know why. If you know, please drop a comment. Pictures!

I’ll play the chain weapon as a power sword.

We got a need, a need for speed!

Now I need to come up with a cool sounding name for this gang …


12 thoughts on “WIP: Gangs of Commorragh, part 1

      1. I only use super glue so I can’t help out. Used GW plastic glue a while back and everything fell apart. I went to Gorilla Super Glue after that. With the mixture of resin, pewter and plastic models it was easier for me to go with one glue.

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  1. If the fogging is glue fumes, they ought to wipe off with a damp bit of cloth. I use two kinds of glue, one’s a general cyanoacrilate for everything non-plastic and the other is Tamiya plastic cement. Comes with a brush, easy to apply, hold the join for a few minutes, and take care for the next half hour while it melts together properly.
    The bikes are looking pretty mean, maybe I should pick up a couple.

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    1. I’ll try and wipe them. I just use the plastic glue from GW, it works fine. And I got some superglue from the hardware store. It cheap and decent. But obviously not suitable for clear plastic.

      If you like the bike, pick up Gangs of Commorragh. Great value.


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