Gangs of Commorragh Unboxing and First Impressions

I did it! I went out and bought the brand new Gangs of Commorragh boxed game. And you know what? I’m pretty giddy. Let’s dive right in and check out what’s in box.

The box is a quite sturdy 12″*12″ one. I think I mentioned this before but I really like the fact that Games Workshop makes their boxes as small as they can. There isn’t much “dead space” in the box.

Inside the box you get a glossy, full-colour rules book, two reference sheets, a two page getting started rules, two sheets of markers (doublesided, full-colour, heavy card stock), six normal dice and of course ten Hellions and six Reavers. Premium quality and great value.


Since the models are old there is no need to go over them. There are two full boxes of Hellions and two full boxes of Reavers. My biggest grievance with the kits are the lack of some champion option. The Hellion kit gives you a couple of the wargear options but not all. In the Reaver kit you get no options at all. Not a biggie since you’ll probably have plenty of bits from other kits but still a shame.

The rules, mind I’ve only had a quick read, are quite simple and clear. Basically it’s a dog fight type game, you have forced movement, restricted turn abilities, special moves and so on. Pretty standard for those types of games, I guess. I’ll do a proper gameplay review in a few days. Now the most exciting part of the rules are the campaign rules.

Gangs of Commorragh is all about building your own gang and improving your gangers. The game gives pretty cool mechanics for running campaigns and skywars. Missions, sub-plots, rewards and much more is all in the book. There are reasons to be excited.

This is superfanboy number one signing off.

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