WIP: INQ28 The Chapel Warband, part 4

I’ve been eyeing all the cool stuff that’s been done in the collaborative The Chapel project. Mark from Heresy of Us have been busy laying down the framework for the project, writing the background while making awesome models and issuing “challenges”. About a week or so ago he asked us to create The Ostium Guides from the burnt Albino Woods on the bleak surface of the Chapel.

After seeing IRO, Wudugast, Alex and Mark (I got this terrible feeling I’m forgetting someone, drop a comment if I did.) tackle the Guides I know I had to get my done. [Edit – Don’t miss Remante‘s work.] Taking cues from what had already been created I set out to make my own and I ended up with these cats.

The robes need a bit of work, I think a little Liquid Green Stuff will do. I will add some feathers, bags, skulls and stuff too. Just to give a bit more character.

What do you think of my Ostium Guides?

17 thoughts on “WIP: INQ28 The Chapel Warband, part 4

    1. Yeah, like brood thing. If they are close they get stronger (better to hit/to wound rolls). That could be a cool game mechanic. I need to make Dataslate for them and write some background.

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  1. Excellent mate. I can imagine them moving softly through the canopy – either leading those who’ve hired them along hidden routes through the treetops or stealthily picking off those foolish enough to have hired others as guides. Some very creative choices of parts in there, coming together to create an impressively cohesive result.


    1. Thank you! You picture them in such a cool way, mate! I’ve started toying with some rules for them. Glass hammer unit, if they get caught in the open they will be destroyed but if they can gang up on the enemy the will destroy it. I’m seeing them walking through the shadows to get the upper hand on the enemy.

      Cohesiveness is one of the hardest things to achieve when you convert like this; you run out of bits or stuff is just to hard to replicate. I had keep that in mind when I made the first test model. I’m glad you think I pulled it off.

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  2. Hi I’ve been looking through your “Chapel posts” there is some excellent and creepy stuff there! I’m already a follower of “Imperial Rebel Ork’s” blog and it’s nice to see someone else’s take on this project. Keep up the good work.

    Cheers Roger.

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