Gangs of Commorragh or I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse

Gangs of Commorragh
Oh my God! Games Workshop finally put their new stand-alone boxed game Gangs of Commorragh up for pre-order and they priced it … well … aggressively. At the same price as both Gorechosen and Lost Patrol they obviously want to offer another great value game, the relatively low price makes it easy to pick up. And this time they didn’t hold back regarding the value. 

The box is jammed packed with two boxes of Reavers and two boxes of Hellions. Yes, that’s six Reaver Jet Bikes and ten Hellions on Skyboards. All this for less than half price (like 45 %). You also get a game that looks really cool and interesting on top of that. 

Gangs of Commorragh - Reavers
Reavers are easily one of the coolest looking units in the Dark Eldar range and on the short list for the entire 40k range. They are futuristic, cyberpunk bikers. I’ve always liked them and can’t wait to get my hands on a couple of them. 

Gangs of Commorragh - Hellions
Hellions on the other hand are not favourites of mine. The look a bit off with weird poses, like holding you staff thing behind your head. But I think that they can be made to look cool with a little effort. They sport the Green Goblins hover board after all. 

The game seems fun, it looks a bit like X-Wing with the turn dial, moves and stuff like that. Or I don’t know, I haven’t played Gangs of Commorragh or X-Wing but I read it on the internet. Never mind, the really cool thing is of course the campaign rules. There are rules on how to advance you characters, build you gang and recruit new members. 

Gangs of Commorragh
Know what the cool kids already started calling the game?


Yeah, I pumped. How about you?

And with Chaos Space Marines picking up the pace and looking really strong at the moment I can’t wait to finally get a Dark Eldar army started. Two of these boxes, a Start Collecting box and a few random boxes would give you full army on the cheap. 

I think it would fun moving all these fast units around. But damn the rules are lacking. Hahaha, 40k on hard mode, here I come again!

15 thoughts on “Gangs of Commorragh or I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse

  1. Wow, good value indeed! Some might say too good… The cynical side of me smells an ‘updating DE jetbikes & hoverboards, jettison old stock’ scented rat… Still, looks like fun 🙂

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    1. I think GW are probably not selling much from the Dark Eldar range at the moment (pure speculation). They are a fringe army with abyssal rules. Not the best combination. With this game you’ll probably see a lot of people picking up a few extra boxes of DE just to get a full army while they’re at it. If the game is successful it’ll drive DE sales across the board. They’ll make you spend money on models you wouldn’t otherwise pick up.

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    1. That’s basically what I’m planing to do. Reavers, Hellions, Scourges and a few dudes and dudettes in Raiders and Venoms too. Could be really cool.

      Yeah, another project!

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      1. Yeah, it’ll be an uphill struggle on the table top but they’ll be so cool zoom around the pitch. As everything will move 12″ or more you be able to both evade and overwhelm. And if you get lucky with the drugs all your Wych Cult units can become quite deadly.

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  2. With all the Tzeentch action right now this almost passed me by. Surprised at the price actually, I thought it would be about twice that. Luckily my taste in evil runs to something spikier and more power armoured so I should be able to resist temptation. It is a great way to start a very interesting army on the cheap though – will be interesting to see what you do with it.

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    1. The price is a bit insane. I’m making lists in my head and I’m like “Ok, but what happens if I add a third box?” And that’s absolutely doable.

      The new Tzeentch stuff is pretty nifty. I like these Beastmen, much more than the bodybuilders they released last week.

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  3. Heh. “Flymunda.”

    I think it’s a pretty transparent attempt to shift kits that aren’t selling too well, but at least it’s a creative effort – new mini game, fleshing out the Dark Eldar a bit more and so on. I have a friend who’s really into Dark Eldar but doesn’t have the funds or stamina for an army – this sort of thing is really on her level and I’m expecting to be spammed with pictures of Hellions any… day… now.

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    1. Selling kits is no doubt at the heart of this venture but still, it will probably be a good game onto itself. Most of the games release are actually really good and not just a way to sell more models.

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  4. I happen to love the helion models, but they are so bad it’s laughable. They are genestealer (from Tyranid codex) or the old Harlequin level of bad. 1 attack each with a two handed weapon that is AP5. That’s it. Jump infantry so that’s nice.

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    1. Yeah, they are terrible. They lack survivability (t-shirts, t3), their punch is quite weak and their shooting, well it’s just two poison shots. But if you can keep them alive until the end game when furious charge kicks in and/or if you luck out on combat drugs they become a lot better. And they are not that expensive compared to other units in the codex, compared to other codexes… yeah, lets not go there.


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