WIP: Thousand Sons Rubric Marines, part 1

One of my resolutions is to finish a squad of Thousand Sons Rubric Marines. I bought the box in December and built them a week or two ago. Remember my piece on the legs? No conversions and just straight out of the box. Easy mode. 

I’ve started to paint them. I want to get them done so I’m batch painting them. This is my progress so far:

Thousand Sons Rubric Marines

Thousand Sons Rubric Marines

Thousand Sons Rubric Marines

Thousand Sons Rubric Marines
Still no blue on these, hopefully tonight


  1. Primed black
  2. Retributor Armour all over the models
  3. Asurman Blue wash over the gold
  4. Dry brush of Liberator Gold
  5. Thousand Sons Blue on the panels and such

That’s how far I’ve come, I’ll need to wash the blue with Nuln Oil and pick it back up again with Thousand Sons Blue and maybe a little Ahriman Blue. Paint the yellow panels on the helmets and other places. Edge highlight the gold. Paint bolter casings, tabards and other details. 

17 thoughts on “WIP: Thousand Sons Rubric Marines, part 1

      1. Fair play, GW have finally nailed it with respect to producing a decent gold paint – the old stuff was pants, but the new AoS golds are lovely

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      2. I bought the new ones after struggling with my Stormcast Eternals. I think I needed 4-5 coats of Gehenna Gold to cover the black primer, it was a quite tidious process. with Retributor Armour it was done in 1-2 coats. Lovely is the Word, no doubt.

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  1. Such awesome models, and great work on painting these guys. The wash over gold for blue is a different approach, but it’s definitely working, and no doubt quick.

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    1. I didn’t really know what to expect with the blue wash. I wanted to give the armour a feel of been magically reforged over and over again. The blue gives the gold a cool and uncommon discolouration. Not as safe as say a red or purple wash.

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  2. They are looking beautiful! The idea to paint gold first is genius. I hated painting all the gold trim on my Iron Warriors and this could have a great way to get it done faster, that and it sounds like the gold paint has greatly improved.

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  3. Jealous mate – want to paint some Thousand Sons but I really must clear the backlog a bit first. Those are look great though, the blue over gold works nicely. A decent gold paint from GW sounds like a wonderful thing, and the technique looks like it works well, but I still can’t bring myself to shell out the best part of £20 for a can of spraypaint!

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