Do you dare go to The Chapel?

“Let me tell you about the Chapel, son. Let me tell you tales of horror and death. I won’t speak of the untold riches hidden in the deep dark underbelly of that wretched place. No, son, don’t you dare go there. A life of glory and wealth is not for our kin. We are simple folk, we toil and serve in the grace of God-Emperor.”

That’s what he told me, the old troll I once called father. Every waking moment of every bloody day he goaded me, choking me with his words. Always a new horror did he describe, always a new way to die. But the tales of treasure were never told but still one could tell, there was riches there on the Chapel. Clear as day as could hear his true sentiment – if you don’t go you’ll never be a man. 

He cried when I left. I couldn’t believe it. Tears? He wanted me to leave. With a one-way ticket to the Chapel in one hand and a contract with a freelance mining crew in the other I boarded the starship that would traverse the void and take me to the Chapel.

“The horrors lurks in the deep”, he said as I left. “I know, son, I’ve seen them. And they haunt me still.”

I didn’t hear his final warning, the roar of the engines drowned his soft voice. Not that I think it would have made much difference. My mind was set and I was bound for the Chapel. 

+++ +++ +++

Yesterday my blogging buddy and hobbyist extraordinaire “Heresy of us” announced his latest endeavour – The Chapel. On his blog he laid out the setting for this a collaborative effort of grim dark hobby creativity. The background piece he wrote got me intrigued and when he dropped the Revenant boy and Casper … well, head on over and see for yourself. Also check out IRO’s The Chapel outing here and here

With a limited amount of bits at my disposal I started working on some sort of bio-mechanical Servitor. I’m not sure if it is the horror the adventurous lad meet when he ventures too deep into the undergrowth of the Chapel or if it is the horror he becomes. Either way, things won’t turn out great for the poor lad. 

It is my first ever INQ28 model and man it was a blast converting it. I’ve been watching people doing INQ28 stuff for a long time. The Iron Sleet crew did the Pilgrym last year and it was just awesome but also a bit daunting. Like standing in the shadow of giants. But what the heck, just do it already. 

So in true INQ28 style I give you a gritty black and white sneak peak of the Horror of the Undergrowth. Let me know what you think. 

Keep on keeping on. 


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