The Legs of a Thousand Sons

Ok, this will be an odd one I reckon. I spent an hour or so looking at the latest episode of Sherlock and started to build my box of Thousand Son. And as I was doing it came to me what might the single best thing with the new Rubricae Marines. It is not the fancy helmets or the cool backpacks. Not the pauldrons nor the Inferno Bolters. All this things are great. Fantastic non the less. 

Thousand Sons Rubric Marines
Captain Morgan, you old rascal you. This will not be about you.

No, to me. It is all about the legs. This time Games Workshop hit the ball straight out of the park. Space Marines, loyalists and heretics alike have for a very long time suffered from bad legs. Often static and always insanely astride. The combat pose of the generic Space Marine has always struck me as fairly weird and unnatural. 

Thousand Sons Rubric Marines
They do look Slow and Purposeful.

Enter irony. So on the one hand you have the potent and explosive Astartes in an awkward unnatural pose and on the other hand you have the automaton warriors of the Thousand Sons and their legs are striding forward and quite naturalistic. They are marvellous really. 

Thousand Sons Rubric Marines
Great variation yet great uniformity regarding the poses.

I mean there’s a few that’s astride but non in that squatting kind of a way that you are used to. More like the are just standing up with the legs far apart. The idea of making the legs in two parts really, really helped I guess. Come to think of it, the new MkIII Iron Armour Marines from Burning of Prospero also had really good legs and guess what. The legs are two-part in the kit too. 

Thousand Sons Rubric Marines
Without a doubt the best Space Marines legs Games Workshop ever made!

One last thing. Just look at this cool detail. Underneath every single feet that isn’t firmly placed flat on the ground there is this sculpted Icon of Tzeentch. So freaking cool, don’t you think?

Thousand Sons Rubric Marines
Mark by Tzeentch, from head to toe. Literally.

That’s all folks! Carry on. 


11 thoughts on “The Legs of a Thousand Sons

  1. I hadn’t noticed, but now that you’ve pointed it out… maybe next they’ll figure out the Ork shoulder joint? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    (This has kind of cemented my decision to look into some Burning of Prospero lads down the line, by the way.)

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    1. The Ork shoulder joint? You ask too much, that would be impossible. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      The MkIV from Betrayal at Calth are cool but in the end they are just Marines. The MkIII from Burning of Prospero are something else. They are a development of the Space Marine. They show progression that we rarely see. You really should pick them up but be aware, they are harder to convert than normal Marines and they look best just carrying bolter and other guns like that.

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      1. That’s fine, I’d be using them as Tactical Veterans/line CSM anyway. Probably just jam some alternative heads on them and maybe shoulder pads and calling it a day.

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