Paint job: Magewrath Throne

After finishing the Stormcast Eternals from the Storm of Sigmar box I decided to threat myself to something else than just the Khorne  Bloodbound from the same box. I stopped by my local GW store and I saw this small terrain piece on the shelf. The Magewrath Throne is, I was told, a sort of release of terrain kit from Fantasy. Like half a kit or something. Oh, well, it doesn’t really matter. The Magewrath Throne is a cheap and pretty cool kit, I’m glad I picked it up. They should release more stuff in this price range really. 

Ok, the piece was quite horrible to put together. Loads of flash, the pieces didn’t really fit and all that jazz. The experience of putting this model was rather different from putting the state-of-the-art models Games Workshop normally releases nowadays. 

The paint job is simple enough. The watered down red on the gargoyles and the throne helped to age the piece. So did the verdigris. Rather than washing the piece in Agrax Earthshade and worked my way from there I decided to wash the entire thing in Thraka Green (old shade from a pot that never runs out). Green works great with red and gives the bare stone different feel. After drybrushing with Dawnstone and Screaming Skull I glazed the entire piece with Waywatcher to tie it all together. 

The bronze is just Retributor Armour, Agrax Earthshade and Nihilahk Oxide. I wanted to keep the winter theme going so I topped it off with a dab of Valhallan Blizzard here and there. 

Hold the Throne! For Sigmar!

Pretty sweet, right? Let me know what you think. 

Keep on trucking. 


11 thoughts on “Paint job: Magewrath Throne

  1. Looking good. I think I have you beat on terrible kits to assemble. The limited edition Plasma Obliterator is by far the worst kit I have ever assembled. It cost me $100 CDN. I entertained the thought of tossing the kit in the garbage and wasting all that money. I had to carve up some of the pieces so the kit could fit together.

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    1. I think I’ve heard horror stories about that kit. In general, terrain kits from GW are quite bad. I think it has something to do with them not being produced in Nottingham but in China. Keeps the price down I guess. Keeps the quality down for sure.


  2. Nice one mate – I have one assembled & undercoated, but ran out of motivation after the horror of building the sod! :-/ Still, it ain’t bad for ten quid, and yours looks bang tidy, so I may well crack on & get the thing painted 🙂

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    1. Thanks Joe! I think it’s a bit too fantasy for 40k but the galaxy is a big place so you can surely find room for it on some long-forgotten planet of death cultists (or something like that).


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