Paint job: Storm of Sigmar – Liberators and Retributors

I was really looking forward to painting the Stormcast Eternals from the Storm of Sigmar boxed game that picked up last week. I wanted to keep them clean and regal. Far from the gore and rust that I normally paint my Chaos Space Marines with. 

The Stormcast Eternals were really enjoyable to paint. I opted for a more reddish gold rather than the more yellow look that the studio paint them in. The darker gold meshed really well with the purple of the panels, shields and cloth. I think it’s a rather striking paint scheme and I’m very pleased with the result. These are some of my finest models to date. 

For the bases I wanted to experiment with snow. I used the new Texture “paint” from Games Workshop – Valhallan Blizzard. It worked like a charm. So easy to use. It settled neatly on the base and blended well with the turf. 

Enough talk already, let’s look at pictures!

I hope you liked them. 

Merry Christmas!


15 thoughts on “Paint job: Storm of Sigmar – Liberators and Retributors

    1. Cheers!
      I’ve been dipping my toes ever so lightly over the course of the year; painting a few models and trying to collect a small army or two. The General’s Handbook really won me over, brilliant book. I’ll play Storm of Sigmar with my six-year old, it should be awesome. Just need to paint those Khorne dudes first.

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      1. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll give it a shot. Smaller armies is appealing. I’m growing tired of painting an endless pile of bodies for 40K. It’s a reason I’m on the Blood Bowl bandwagon lately; other than the fact it’s an awesome game.

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      2. It is quite cheap to build a small 1000 points army. You can do it with a starter and one or two extra boxes for most armies. That’s just amazing.

        Or pick up the Skaven vs Elves release box. The value on that is insane really.

        And with all the Warscrolls and rules free all you need is the handbook for points (which are optional, so not really necessary).

        It is a change of pace and something different to paint and concentrate you hobby on. I really like it.


    1. Cheers! To be honest I got some help deciding myself; my son wanted them to be gold so gold it had to be. I don’t really fancy the bright gold and clear blue of the studio army so I took a look at my paints and thought gold and purple is a classic combination.

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      1. The purple and bronzed-gold have come up really nicely. My problem is that I really like the look of the studio army, but I usually like to avoid duplicating the look of the official studio armies, but I don’t have any armies that have that kind of scheme, so it becomes a cycle of indecision and so I go and paint something else instead…


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