Storm of Sigmar – unboxing and review

I’ve been eyeing the small Storm of Sigmar (SoS) box since Games Workshop released it a couple of months ago. And after finally making my mind up I stopped by my local Games Workshop store on my way home from work and bought the boxed game along with a box of new Rubric Marines. 

The first thing that struck me was how small the actual box is. It’s the size of normal ten-man Space Marines box. Games Workshop excel at making these slim and compact boxes and games. They obviously trust that their products will sell, even without a shiny package full of air. A compact box is pure win in my book so we are off to a great start here. 

SoS is Games Workshops gateway game to get people playing and collecting Age of Sigmar. It is basically for everyone that thinks that Age of Sigmar could be fun but the main Starter Box is a bit too big and expensive. The price of SoS is really low, only 26 Euro, and for that you get a full miniatures game – rules, missions, dice and models. The box is jam packed. 

The unit warscroll cards are really cool and useful. All the rules for an unit on a single card, that really helps to speed up game play as the need for cross referencing with a rules book is eliminated. This is one of many great design features of Age of Sigmar. 40k take note!

SoS pits the Stormcast Eternals against the Khorne Bloodbound in a campaign of four battles, all detailed in the booklet. The missions are really simple yet narrative and surprisingly tactical. I think they really nailed, especially considering the limited size of the included forces. The box consists of two Retributors and three Liberators for the Stormcast Eternals and three Blood Warriors and five Bloodreavers for the Khorne Bloodbound. Each unit is on a separate sprue (I think the sprues are reused or recut from the main Starter box). Excellent models with lots of detail and sense of motion. The models are intricately cut and a full colour assembly guide is included. The less experienced hobbyist will need it. Heck, I needed it.

Blood Warriors

I think it’s an excellent buy. You get a lot of high quality content cheaply. I’m looking forward to getting the models ready for gaming. I’ll be playing the campaign against my six year old son and I think we’ll both be enjoying ourselves. 

I’ll give a complete rundown of the games once I get the box done. I should have it ready before Christmas. Looks like a fun like side project, don’t you think?

The whole crew assembled. It took me about an hour and a half. Great fun!

Keep on keeping on!


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