WIP: MkIII Thousand Sons, part 1

I picked up the brand new Rubric Marines kit on my way home from work and got a few hours of hobby time last night. Instead of getting started with the kit in a more traditional way I decided to do a bit of kitbashing first. As you might remember, I bought some MkIII Iron Armour marines awhile ago. I nicked five of them a got cracking.

The Thousand Sons sprue is jam-packed with bits. With 11 torsos, 11 pairs of shoulder guards, 12 heads, ten Inferno Bolters and ten Warpflamers (and more) I knew I had plenty of raw material to work with right there. I wanted to make a squad of automatons carrying the new flamers.

With points included in the box I knew that the Warpflamers are a whooping 7 points. You drop your ap3 bolter and still pay 7 points. Yikes! I haven’t seen the rules for the Warpflamer yet but I can’t imaging that they are that good. But they do win by the rule of cool.

The Aspirering Sorcerer got the Hand Warpflamer and a badass force staff. It’s a spear from the Seraphon range. The Aspirering Sorcerer also got the spare torso and pauldrons from the new kit to help enforce his stature. I also wanted the unit to stand out a bit so I gave them all robes. They are from the Sisters of the Thorn kit.

Enough talk. Let’s look at them pretty pictures.

Boy, that a mighty long stave you’ve got there in your hand.

Where’s your head at? With only two spare heads, these guys’ll have to wait until I pick up the Exalted Sorcerers kit.

All is dust!


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