Signs of life and dust

Oh my, you go on a bit of holidays down under and Games Workshop releases a Daemon Primarch, burn Fenris, give us new rules and models for the Thousand Sons and spring the Traitor Legions on us and that’s just a bit of all the new a shining stuff. Not fair! How am I supposed to keep up? The new Thousand Sons look bloody great by the way. I like the poses of the Rubrics, I think they sport some of the best Space Marines legs that Games Workshop even made. At least for the multi-part kits. And the general feel of the Sons are just brilliant. By the way, you really should read Wudugast’s thoughts on them

Gotta catch them all!

Being on a very restrictive internet diet (which is pretty nice in a way) I even had to pick up the new White Dwarf just to look at all them pretty pictures over and over again. But what’s up with the GW prices in Australia? The mag was at least +50 % in price. Yikes! I try to remember that once I get back home and start to bleed my wallet. Or as Tzeentch would put – my wallet is about to experience change. 
Any one got the rules for these guys? They look so freaking awesome!

I think I’ll just go for a box of each – Rubricae Marines, Exhalted Sorcerers and the Scarab Occult Terminators. This will allow my to field a small Thousand Sons War Cabal and make use of all the bells and whistles that goes with that formation. The Exhalted Sorcerers look pretty badass, rocking improved stats and having access to some awesome relics. Jump Infantry Rubrics here we come!

Burn baby burn! How do like me now?

The prices of plastic crack aside, Australia is pretty great. Friendly people, nice climate and all that. Thumbs up so far. I recommend a visit. I haven’t had time (or wifi access) to check out all your blogs. I sure you’ve done awesome stuff that I’ve missed. I’ll try and catch up later on. Until then, have a great one and no worries, mates!

11 thoughts on “Signs of life and dust

  1. Cheers for the shout out! Looking forward to seeing what you do with these (outstanding) new models. Are you going to tackle Magnus or will you be sticking to the rank and file for now?

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      1. Without a doubt! I’m just looking at the huge heap of other projects on my desk and wondering if I shouldn’t take a grown up approach and try to finish a few of them off before my avarice leads me to buy more…


  2. They really have outdone themselves with Tsons in terms of models. It’s a beautiful army to look at for sure. The rules though, guess we’ll find out. If there’s one spot GW lets Chaos down time and time again, it’s the rules.

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    1. Yeah, but still I do like where they are taking Chaos Marines at the moment. I liked the Traitor’s Hate and Black Legion stuff. They just need to find a way to make the actual marines a bit more viable.

      That said I’m very up for the Thousand Sons. They are after all the reason I got into Chaos when I returned to 40k. They had two wounds and shoot blasts with their magic bolters. But man I hated they metal conversion kit. Still have them half done somewhere.

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      1. They really need to fix the codex first to make all the formations and detachments better. Thousand Sons being an exception, as they basically got a codex of their own.

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      2. If you were to fix the codex where would you start? The main thing for me would be to try and make regular CSM squads more viable, especially going for bigger squads. Just dropping the points won’t fix the main issues like morale. After that I would try and get the general points levels in line with their loyalist counterparts – bikes, Raptors, Terminators are all too expensive. Chaos units like Warp Talons and Possessed need their rules tweaked more than their points dropped.


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