WIP: Iron Berzerkers, part 1

Ok, I just needed to get cracking with the MkIII Iron Berzerkers that I was talking about yesterday. I threw a quick test model together. While doing this I stumbled upon a couple of more problems. 

The legs will be pretty easy to repose. I decided to go with the straight out of the box-stance so I could get the model done. The chest/torso piece will leave very little room for posing as the lower armour pretty much limits all but the slimmest movement at the waist. 

MkIII Iron Berzerker
Slow and purposeful rather than ravaging mad!

Next issue I ran into was the arms which was expected. I wanted to use the MkIII arms rather than just bitbox your odd arm holding sword or pistol. More or less all MkIII arms are bolter arm, you know the kind holding a bolt gun in front. Cool if you want bolter dudes, but horrible if you want to make awesome and dynamic close assault models. 

I took a Chainsword from the Raptors box and cut off the arm at the wrist. The bolter arm (trigger arm) was cut at elbow and repositioned a bit. But like I said, man, it’ll be hard to make anything really cool with them. And the other bolter arm was even harder to use. 

The arm is made to wrap around the heavy chest armour which make remarkably inflexible. I had to cut the hand off, repose the arm at the elbow and add some spacing around the armpit to change angle of the arm. A lot of work for a quite unsensational pose.  Oh well. 

MkIII Iron Berzerker
The arm is at quite a weird angle. I might have to go back and change it a bit.

MkIII Iron Berzerker
I don’t know about you guys, but I’m so used to bolt pistols being held with the right hand that it looks a bit off in the left hand.

What you think? Should I pursue down this avenue or should I take the more obvious road with bolter and special weapons?


8 thoughts on “WIP: Iron Berzerkers, part 1

  1. Hmmm… I think you’ll have a devil of a job making these chaps dynamic mate… Given their knightly look, I wonder if a two-handed sword might not suit them better? Don’t know man – maybe the juice isn’t worth the squeeze in this case?

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  2. Yeah that isn’t going so well despite the effort put in. To me though although they liked getting in close and brutal they still used tactics back then. So tacticals and separate assualt squads?

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  3. You’ll have to outweigh the costs to benefits. Dynamic poses are great but if you don’t get the look you want or if it is too time consuming is it really worth it? It’s your hobby right. If you are not enjoying it, it will become a chore. What matters is the end product. If you’re pleased with the end, that’s matters the most.

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