MkIII Iron Armour

I picked up a set of ten MkIII Iron Armour Space Marines from the brand new Burning of Prospero set. A lot of people must have picked up a ton of sets just to chop up and sell off. I got them for a fair price, about 19 Euro including p&p.  Sure, you can probably get them cheaper if you put some effort into it but I’m ok with the price. 

MkIII is a really brutal looking suit of armour. Iron Armour isn’t about finesse but blunt force. My plan is to kit some of them out with close combat weapons, I think they would make excellent Khorne Berzerkers. Excellent plan I must say. 

Burning of Prospero MkIII Iron Armour
Close your eyes and imagine those chest plates battered and covered in blood and gore. Hell yeah!
Burning of Prospero MkIII Iron Armour
Space Knights helmets and old school bolt guns.

Burning of Prospero MkIII Iron Armour
The fact that the legs come in two pieces will really help to create more dynamic poses and a sense of movement in the models.

Well, best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Let’s take a look at the kit and I’ll explain what I mean. 

The MkIII kit comes with three jam packed sprues. 

Burning of Prospero MkIII Iron Armour
Don’t worry, the last leg is in the mail.
Burning of Prospero MkIII Iron Armour
The Horus Heresy era armour got a mass produced feel that is quite cool.
Burning of Prospero MkIII Iron Armour
Say what? No flamer! That’s bummer.

So the biggest problem I have is that this kit is all about the Bolter. You only get a handful of close combat weapons, most of the Chainswords are “holstered” and not held. I think the Chainswords will be great bits and bobs on bases, terrain pieces or as objective Markers. But they don’t really help me in my endeavour to make an assault unit.

Burning of Prospero MkIII Iron Armour
Edward Scissorhands called and wanted his hand back.

Burning of Prospero MkIII Iron Armour
Thunderhammer? What on earth am I supposed to do with a Thunderhammer?

You get a Power Fist, Lightning Claw (so cool), Power Sword, two Chainswords and a freaking Thunderhammer. That’s not to much to work with, the lack of held pistols (just a single bolt pistol and a plasma pistol). Luckily I have a couple of spares from the Raptors kit and in worse case the regular CSM kit offers even more. 

I don’t know when I’ll find time to get this little project going but I’m looking forward to it. Marines are always fun to build. I really need to do some hobby again, soon. My DreadTober Contemptor Helbrute is still undone and I feel it deserves to get done. But the last couple of weeks have been swamped with work and life. Hopefully it’ll level out soon. 

Keep on keeping on!

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