WIP: Chaos Cataphractii Terminators, part 1

Yeah, a hobby post. First of all, thanks for all the great feedback on the Slaughtersmith conversion. It was unexpected but most welcome. I still haven’t started painting it yet. But once I get cracking I’ll throw up some pictures. 

Until then check out my Chaos Cataphractii Terminators. I converted some Combi-Plasma from the Combi-Bolters and Plasma Pistols. Very simple as the Combi-Bolter came in two parts. I added a bunch of Power Weapons, two Sword and two Mauls (the Mauls are from a Seraphon kit). I cut up the Chain Fist arms to make arms holding the Power Weapons. I think it looks pretty good. Simple too. 

The base models are of course from the Betrayal at Calth box. One thing the suprised me was the high amount of flash on the models. That was unexpected on a new kit like that. But Cataphractii armour look awesome. 

I still have some Green Stuff job to do (mutation, heavy wear and tear) and I want to add some skulls and trophies too and I need to drill those barrels. 


11 thoughts on “WIP: Chaos Cataphractii Terminators, part 1

  1. Looking good mate. My only (very minor) quibble is that they all seem to be at varying stages of corruption, and are considerably less corrupted than their boss. The one with the horns is nicely chaotic whereas the other one with the power sword could easily be a loyalist. I know you said there’s still work to do so I may be being pre-emptive, but I worry they might not end up looking cohesive as a squad. I trust in your skills to bring it all together in the end though 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the feedback. You made me sit down and look at them once more and think about what to do. The champ is much more corrupted. That can be explained by his Gifts of Mutation but you are correct in that they lack tale tail signs of chaotic corruption. I’m contemplating what to do, I won’t bring them as far down the path of corruption as the champ but I need to some work. The question is whether to make their corruption and mutation leaning towards any specific God, like Nurgle bulbs and pustules, or if I should go down a more generic route like I did with the tentacles on the Champ. What would you do?

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      1. Good question. Personally I found that when I made my squad of undivided terminators I tended to just go mad adding mutations wherever I felt like it, without any thought about how they’d look all together when they were done. When I worked on my Khorne and Nurgle terminators I had a much stronger theme in mind, and as a result they look a lot more unified and cohesive as a squad and I’m much happier with them overall. So I’d say pick a theme (which could be a god) and apply it across all of them. If it was me; I think Nurgle Cataphractii could look amazing. Either way I’m looking forward to seeing how these progress.


  2. Looking good so far chief. Lots of cleaning left to do and drilling barrels etc but a solid start. The GS’d one looks great and I am sure the other will be when you catch them up to that point as well.


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