Traitor’s Hate

The 13th Black Crusade is about to be unleashed. Next week. 

The picture is straight of Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40 000 Facebook page.

Note the icon in the top right corner, this is going to be a series of campaign books. I expect new formations and detachments and hope for new rules, psychic powers and maybe even new units.

I’m so getting this.

24 thoughts on “Traitor’s Hate

  1. Here’s hoping for more models than just Kharn. Naturally I’m hoping they don’t do anything silly like trying to radically advance the storyline, but I’m well up for the setting taking a few small steps towards the doom of man. It’s about time we put Cadia to the torch once and for all!

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    1. I guess that they will do several books. They won’t break the Cadian Gate in the first one at least. I suppose everything will end with the Imperium in a dire state and Chaos looming. Pretty much like today but a bit more grim and dark.

      I think the storyline will be more advanced on the fringe of the general storyline. That said, let Cadia burn!

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  2. First of all, I think this is great. Chaos needs some love, and seeing the storyline move forward, if only by a minute, is welcomed. However, it’s the having formations and detachments spread across countless campaigns, supplements, and dataslates that gets to me. You need to lug along 6-8 resources these days to play a game.

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    1. I get what you are saying, sure it is a problem with multiple sources. But I doubt that you’ll even need to bring all books to one single game. It is more of a hypothetical or theoretical problem. I think at most you’ll need four sources (rules, codex, one or two supplements). Now remembering where to find the exact rule or formation, now that’s a real problem.

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      1. Spreading material all around like that just bugs the collector in me. I want all these rules, but I’m also not willing to drop cash for every single source they put out that has something in it. Hell, even the compilations (Angels of Death), are only good for so long before more new material is added to the mix.

        Anyway, but we’re getting CSM stuff ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      2. I hear you. CSM has been one of the most cost effective armies from that respect. The same book since forever. You can’t beat that with a stick. Hahaha

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  3. Hopefuly we see some comfortable formations that make sense. I didnt really like the ones that ended up in the black legion and Crimson slaughter ones. And the Orks Suppliment and Cadian Suppliment required you to take a lot of units to fill out formation that it made it quite expensive and restrictive for 1500pts.

    Im hoping but not holding my breath. If anything comes from this, I would love to see some Chaos chosen made available.

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    1. Affordable formations, a functional detachment, that is pretty much what I want in that regard. I haven’t really looked closely at the Crimson Slaughter formations but the Black Legion ones are pretty decent. Sure they don’t solve the basic problem of CSM units being overcosted. But they are small and easy to add to your army.

      Chosen are a strange unit, ever since they lost Infiltrate I’m not sure what their purpose is. The close combat route is too expensive and they lack the speed or survivability to pull it off. And if you go down the opposite route – special weapon spam. Why not just bring Havocs? That’ll save you a couple of points.

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      1. Ah they chuck possesed into everything, which I know is there shtick but its hard to take seriously when possessed are so terrible and have just gotten worse as times gone on. Wolfen make them look so pathetic. (stat wise, wulfen are fugly models)

        The plus with Chosen is being able to field a heap of plasma guns / meltas. But it does really end there. I would hope in future they become maybe a Sternguard / Vanguard equivalent with its own chaos flavor and still being able to customise them towards shooty or wacky.

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      2. Yeah, possessed are terrible and they couldn’t even throw them a bone in the FAQ. They went for the worst possible interpretation of the rules. Lol.

        Havocs do special weapons cheaper than Chosen. That is the sad truth. I think that they need some unique wargear or set of rules to be viable.

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  4. Chosen are viable with special weapons and a couple of fists or swords yes they are a bit pricier than havocs but can fight in combat for a few more points. Also I find I can’t fit havocs in, there’s to much competition in heavy support. I do remember the joy of rhino rushing the original 3rd edition possessed into people’s face’s, ahh happy days.

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  5. I think Chosen’s shtick is being a really-easy-to-customise five man squad. Want two pairs of lightning claws and three bullet catchers? Done. Want a five-man squad with a heavy weapon? Done. Want four special weapons and already used all your Heavy Support slots on Maulerfiends? Double done. Want to use all the options in the army list entry? You fool, you fool, you little khaki fool…

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      1. True. I think that’s why restraint is the key: keep the squads focused and don’t buy anything you don’t need.


      2. Yep, restraint is key. Unfortunately I adopt restraint to the degree where I do not pick Chosen. They are just too expensive for what you get (but I could very well be wrong, I am far from a great player). Especially now, with all the options and formations available you will not run out of way to flood the field with Maulerfiends or Obliterators.

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      3. I refuse to argue with something so perfectly phrased. ๐Ÿ™‚ I like ’em, but I’m old-fashioned (and also baffled by formations, detachments and all that malarkey, which is why I still tend to evaluate things in the context of the Force Organisation Chart. I understood that.).

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