Kharn the Betrayer

Warhammer TV released a short video where they goofed around with the alleged new HH-era Ahriman sprue. They didn’t show it instead they showed the new model for Kharn the Betrayer. He looks freaking awesome. 

More information on Kharn on the 3rd of September. That’s when drop the new monthly White Dwarf isn’t it?

Check out the clip –

I’m stoked. How about you?

15 thoughts on “Kharn the Betrayer

  1. Hugely exciting – such a change from the adversarial attitude GW has shown towards its customers in the past.

    As for the model himself, what a beast! I’ve got a few issues with him but I suspect they can be fixed fairly easily and the level of detail is impressive. Will have to reserve judgement until I can see him properly though. I will admit however that this hasn’t stopped me from watching the video a couple of dozen times in the last hour…

    Of course this means I really need to chap on and finish painting the current Kharn. After all I’ve only had 20 years to get round to it!

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    1. Yeah, I’m so impressed with how fast they’ve got the social media thing going. From zero to hero in a few months. God, that sounded cheesy. Hahaha

      I agree, there is a few details on the model that doesn’t look that good. The chains on Gorechild one thing that springs to mind.

      The old model is a masterpiece, you really should get it painted. ASAP! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. I’m more impressed with GW’s reaction than the model.

    The model is awesome. Kharn is now moving, which gives him that deadly feel he was lacking before The detail is great. The extra hip plates he has just gives him a more brutal feel.

    However, I expected no less from GW. GW’s sculpting/modeling in the past few years has been on-point, and they continue to lead the industry. Their reaction to the leaks? That was what shocked me. They got out in front of it, made light of it, and gave us a date for Kharn.

    It’s staggering how much GW has grown. It’s this approach that’s going to keep them at the top of the game instead of the slow decline they were in for years.

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    1. Alas, the disappointment of growing expectations. I know what you mean, with standard set by GW recently it is hard get that wow factor off a new release. Even if the model is, objectively speaking, awesome. You just expect as much.

      Their recent social media approach on the other hand – yeah, that’s all about the wow factor.

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      1. The new people at the top actually understand what it takes to run a company in 2016. The previous method (no community, no social media, no engagement, no rules updates, price increases, on and on), was old school and only hurt their bottom line. Engage with the community, have fun and be responsive. So nice to finally see it happening, and I can only imagine it’s helping them push more product.


    1. I don’t know, I like the Raptor/Warp Talon design which is kind of reminiscent of the Heldrake’s. That said, I don’t even have a Heldrake. ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. I do think it is personal preference, but to me it doesn’t look warpy enough to be mutated, or rational enough to have been manufactured. But I guess at the end of the day, if i dont like it, I should change it instead of whining and let others enjoy it!

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