WIP: Slaughtersmith conversion

To celebrating my 100th post I give you the Slaughtersmith – Slaugterpriest/Warpsmith conversion. It was a quite fiddly and frustrating process and I just didn’t think of picking up the phone to snap any shots. Sorry. I did take some photos of him before priming. 

Now check this badboy out!

The humble beginning, an awesome model straight off the sprue. 

A couple of hours later you can end up with this. 

Oh, how I wished I had a Meltagun in my bits box. Not pleased with that gun. 

I did opt to remove all the Marks of Khorne scattered across the model. Like the one on his butt armour. 

Custom shoulder guard and scratch built flames. 

Primed and ready for paint. I might have to go back and a fine tune some details. Maybe. 

The Meltagun lacks something underneath it. Cables?

The Slaughtersmith is huge. He is to an Astartes what an Astartes is to a man. 

Hope you like the Slaughtersmith?

17 thoughts on “WIP: Slaughtersmith conversion

  1. Looking really good mate – I’m a big fan of the Slaughter Priest. Tricky to know what to suggest with that Meltagun… a vented barrel would sell it better I think, and maybe a fuel tank & hose?

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    1. Vented barrel, yeah that would look the part. I’ll see what I can do. I might try and paint it that way rather than sculpt it. A hose underneath – I tried that after you suggested it and it did make gun look more like a Meltagun. Fuel tank should be easy enough to make too.

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      1. A single hole is never a problem drill but as soon as I try drill more than one everything start looking like a bit Orkish. The holes never line up neatly but end up all over the place.

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