WIP: Forgefiend Conversion, part 7

Say what? Yes, it’s already time for another update. I’ve been doing a lot of Green Stuff work on the Forgefiend, focusing on the armoured carapace. The work’s been done over a couple of short sessions. Early mornings mostly, before heading off to work. The actual sculpting isn’t taking that long, 30 minutes or so per session. But the Green Stuff needs to cure in between and that takes a wee bit longer. When you work with Green Stuff it is important do the sculpting in layers, at least in my mind. If you rush it, you’ll lose control. So patience is key.

I’ve also started fiddling with a tail to help balancing the model. when I’m done with it will hopefully look like plague-ridden and corrupt armour on top and cables and stuff underneath. But that is for another day. Now lets focus on what I’ve been doing.

The “tilted” Chaos star ended up looking wierd …


As requested: a profile shot.

I had this idea of the carapace opening up in the middle, almost like the jaws of the engine’s inner daemon. To create this I first sculpted so flesh like structure down the middle and around the pipes. I used the small shoulder pieces from the Genestealer kit as teeth and I then put some Green Stuff over the Genestealer bits’ lower end. Pretty cool, don’t you think.


Next step was making the Chaos symbol on the back. It looks awesome and it’s way easier to do then one might think. I first saw it on a Renegade Knight conversion awhile ago (sorry but I can’t remember who did it or where I saw it, but it was a knock out!) and decide to emulate it. I took a couple of “live action” shots to help visualise the technique.

Step 1: Roll some GS and form the rough shape of the Chaos star.

Step 2: Push down the sides with your sculpting tool, you want to create a ridge. Make the ridge as rough or smooth as you want, I went for a rough one.

Step 3: Smooth the transition between the ridge and the surface until they are as one.

Step 4: Use a knife to gently carve lines into the middle of the ridge. this will help define the Chaos star. Make sure you have alot of water on the GS so the blade doesn’t stick.

Pretty neat, innit?

Keep on keeping on!



18 thoughts on “WIP: Forgefiend Conversion, part 7

  1. See, that’s what I love about working on Chaos models, there are no rules. Just create knowing the end result will be fitting.

    Great work, and this thing is really coming together now. I’m looking forward to the next update.

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  2. Yah thanks for the profile shot. It is looking really well. Slightly worried about it falling over but I am sure you have that in hand. I need to get back to work on my Knight when Doomrider is finished.

    Loving the chaos star.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. I’ve been waiting for you get back to work on your Knight. but it’s is a daunting Project so I get that you need a break. Your Doomrider is awesome.

      Once I get it on a base it won’t fall over. I’ll just secure it to the base with some small screws and pins. No problem, but it need to look like it can support itself. That will be the hardest part.


  3. Aah, i’m finally returned from my vacation.
    Glad to see the beast is progressing. =) This sculpting method is awesome too.
    You asked about my blog last time – well, i think i’m too lazy for regular posting and so, and i still have no my own blog.
    Anyway, i’m working on a SM/CSM tutorial right now. How can i send you a file? It’s still a WIP, but i think i need some opinions about it.

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  4. Your blog has slowly inspired me to do more and more conversions on my models. Now my deff dread has a jet pack, and my knights are getting stompa bits~!

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