Quick notes on the CSM FAQ

++ Updated regarding the ruling on Maulerfiends ++

Ok, GW finally dropped their FAQ (first draft) for Chaos Space Marines and the Helbrute dataslate along with a short errata. All in all five pages. Lets take a look at them!

Marked Sorcerers cannot escape the shackles of their patron God’s specific powers. That is too bad really. I can’t remember when I took a marked Sorcerer last. Oh, as a consequence, the Aspiring Sorcerer can’t take Daemonlogy. Hopefully, we’ll see some awesome new powers soon.

Even named characters get turned into Spawn, even Abaddon. Which is what the Codex say so nothing new here. Don’t take Daemonic Possession on Super-heavies as you pay to make them worse. Nothing new here either.

Your cowardly magicks won’t save you when Kharn come to collect. There will be blood. Kharn hits invisable units on a 2+ because he’s so boss. Love this ruling. I might have jump on the bandwagon and convert myself a Kharn now.

You re-roll all or no dice with the Spell Familiar and you can’t re-roll successful rolls just to avoid perils. The Baleflamer is not a flamer, so Salamanders burn just other marines. But the problem hitting them remain. The ruling that the Heldrake’s weapon is hull mounted is counter-intuitive. Just look at the models for crying out loud. It’s a shame that they wouldn’t changer that old ruling. But at least you can Vector Strike and shot.

If you kill enemy characters in outside of the Assault phase you get Chaos Boons. Nice. Really helpful for your Sorcerers as they tend to get some Witchfire powers. And the Plasma Pistol got better too. Something about possessed. No, it did help them a bit. Move along.

They did a good job clearing up how the Black Mace interact with Feel no pain and Reanimation protocols. They are hard to kill. And if you have the Be’Lakor dataslate, then you can still bring him.

No, why on earth would you get a cover save in close combat. Was this really a question? If the Alpha Helbrute (the Helbrute Champion in the Helfist Murderpack formation) roll Boons it can’t use, you can’t re-roll. Too bad. But thanks for the tip (casting Gift of Mutation on the Alpha Helbrute, maybe there is a use for a Tzeentch Sorcerer after all).

Blood Rage Helbrute in the Mayhem Pack must run if in 12″ even on the round they Deep Strike. Good to have in mind when you bring them in.

The Maulerfiend now target Units, not Models, with its Magmacutters, which is great as you will do more damage to Infantry units. I misread it the first time and thought that the Maulerfiend lost the ability to autohit with its Magmacutters. That is not the case. The bit regarding autohits hasn’t changed at all.

Helbrutes gain +2 attacks. Yeah! I’m so happy for this. I run Helbrute all the time.

The FAQ was pretty good. No big changes. Somethings got cleared up, like cover saves in close combat. Finally! Hahaha.


6 thoughts on “Quick notes on the CSM FAQ

  1. Most of the FAQ just reaffirmed what we’ve all been doing where I play. No real gamer changers in there. The attacks on the Helbrute though, hell yes. We were due something eventually, and glad to see GW came through on it.

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      1. True, but how long have we been outraged with the current state of CSM? How has that gone for us so far? It may seem like a no-brainer to get those attacks, but in reality it was GW throwing us a bone. Just one man’s jaded opinion 😉

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