Slaughterpriest conversion cometh 

Guess what the postman brought me the other day? A Khorne Slaughterpriest! This model is freaking awesome. Massive, intimidating and full of fury. Easily one of the best scultps for the entire Khorne Bloodbound range if not the entire Age of Sigmar. I’ve wanted this model since it dropped and after seeing Alex over at Leadballony doing his usual hobby magic with one I knew I had to get the Slaughterpriest. And so I did.

Now go check out Alex’ Mean Machine conversion. It’s rad!

I’m thinking of turning the Slaughterpriest into a Warpsmith. Mechatendrils coming out of his back Dr Octopus style. Cables and tubes out of his muscular body to reinforce the fact that it is turned into Fleshmetal. To my Fleshmetal is organic and mutated rather than just warped Artificer Armour.

My big issue right now is whether I should keep the Khorne markings or not. Mark of Khorne is by no bad, he’ll be a great counter-assault character with the MoK but it will also limit my options. Is it worth trying to remove all markings? The risk is obvious. I don’t want to destroy the model.

I’ll hopefully get started next week until then, keep on trucking. 

13 thoughts on “Slaughterpriest conversion cometh 

    1. WTF?! Dude, that’s unreal pricing. Full GW retail is 220 SEK here in Sweden (about 23 euro or 34 AUD), I got it off EBay for 166 SEK (17 €/23 AUD). Still quite alot for a single model but still an ok price.

      The best way to pick up the model is in the Heroes of the Silver Tower box, at least if you can find use for a Stormcast Eternal, a Fyreslayer and Tzeentch character too.

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  1. That model is an absolute beast. I’ve not succumbed to temptation and bought one yet but it’s pretty much inevitable, so I’ll be keeping a close eye on this for inspiration 🙂

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  2. Hey, thanks for the shout out dude, really appreciate it 🙂 Can’t wait to see what your take on the SP is – he really is a beast of a mini! Rock on!

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