Old School Terrain: Town house

And now something completely different. I needed a break from my Forgefiend cconversion and painting of the Wyches so I decided to test my old school hobby skills. Forget the promise of progression and crack out the foamcore and popsicle sticks.

I didn’t think of taking any photos during the work. Sorry about that. Not that it was much to show really. I drew the walls on a A3 sheet of foamcore and cut them out. Peeled off the paper on one side and “carved” stone pattern on the lower part. The walls were then glued together and I started clipping popsicle sticks in appropriate lengths and glueing them to the upper part of the walls. The door and windows are just small pieces of wood too.

The chimney is just a few pieces of foamcore and the roof is wavey cardboard. Painted terracotta they magically turned into clay tiles! It’s a fancy house, you know. Ignore the old and miscoloured copper and the algae on the roof.

The paint job is pretty straightforward, I tried to make the wood feel old and a murky. It’s just a couple browns and greys, a little orange and washed with Agrax Earthshade. I washed some Thraka Green around the windows and other exposed areas and stippled a little Nurgling Green on a few planks. Murkiness for the win.

Some of the stones are washed with different colours (along with Nuln Oil) to make them feel less uniform and more natural. It’s subtle but quite effective. They are all drybrushed, first with Mechanicus Standard Grey and then lightly with Celestra Grey. 

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Really fun build. It will look a home in Age of Sigmar and could work on some long-forgotten backwater planet in 40k. I can recommend going old school.

9 thoughts on “Old School Terrain: Town house

  1. Well done. It looks exactly like what you were going for.

    I’ve always enjoyed old school terrain building. It’s just relaxing to mess around and create something simple, and to know it doesn’t need a Golden Daemon paint job afterwards either.

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      1. Nothing to it really. I can make a proper tutorial when I do my next terrain piece. But this is how I did:
        1. Peel off the paper from the foamcore.
        2. Make the horizontal lines. I just a blunt metal nail and a ruler. The foam is really soft so you basically draw lines in it.
        3. Vertical lines to make stones. Same method as above.
        4. Details. Holes, smoother corners, zigzag lines at random across the stones. Anything to break up the uniformity.
        5. Paint.

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