WIP: Dark Eldar Wyches

The Dark Eldar range is probably my favorite range of minis of all 40k factions. I remember when they dropped. Man, they just blew my mind. So much cool. But I never got myself an army. 

I just picked up a kit of Wyches a few years ago but never got around to finish them. I think one of the contributing factor being the cost of building even a small army. Well, the Start Collecting! box changes everything. I needed paint my wyches. 

I wanted to go beyond the obvious black or dark colours. To me the darkness of the Truekin comes from their souls (or lack thereof). There is no need to wear dark clothing just because you’re emo. I’m pretty much done with the Wychsuits and most of the base colours are done too but plenty of work left with the details.

Enough talk, now pictures

There you go. 


18 thoughts on “WIP: Dark Eldar Wyches

    1. Cheers! I’m really pleased with the Wychsuits’ blue. I’m contemplating a little bit of blood splatter over the suits to accentuate their gladitorial skills. Need to try that.

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      1. I do mine by getting some BftBG on a brush, and blowing across it through a straw… it takes a bit of practice, but you get a nice random spread 😉

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  1. Those are coming together nicely. Could I recommend some tattoos on them? I always thought they would be heavily tattooed.

    Can I contact you privately for some advice in a conversion project?


    1. Thanks. Tattoos may be out of my skill range but I’ll try it. I’m at least going for some Ziggy Stardust-esque warpaint.

      Sure can, email should work.


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