WIP: Forgefiend conversion, part 2

I’ve been keen to continue working on this monster of a project. The amount of work required to finish the conversion is daunting. It truly is. Well, I got some time in hobby room and worked a bit on the feet and legs.

The process can’t be rushed as the Green Stuff needs to cure before I can move on. If I’m lucky I’ll be able to sneak off just enough times to finish the legs this week. That’s the plan anyway.

The feet are made of plasticard, Green Stuff and a few Tyranid bits. I used Genestealer Scything Talons (toes) and the Tyranid Prime’s special shoulder piece from the Tyranid Warriors box (heel). I think it will be hard to spot the origin of the bits once I’m done. I will of course continue the sculpting once this layer gets hard.  It is very rough at the moment.

With the feet for this session I turned my attention to the legs. Again, the sculpting is very rough.

That’s all. Stay tuned for more progress reports.


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