WIP: Forgefiend Conversion part 1

Among the formations in the Black Legion codex supplement two really stood out – The Cyclopia Cabal and Daemon Engine Pack. At least to me, these are the must-have formations of the book. I did a run-down of them and the rest of the formations a few weeks ago. I have enough models to run the Cabal so lets focus on the Daemon Engine Pack.

Sure you can run the Daemon Engine Pack with two Maulerfiends, it’s a great way of freeing up Heavy Support slots. But to get the best mileage out of the formation you need to mix it up with one Forgefiend and one Maulerfiend. You want bring that Hades Autocannon wielding Forgefiend to take advantage of the Warpsmith’s high ballistic skill. The lure of the BS5 Forgefiend is strong, how can I resist? Well, I couldn’t (or didn’t want to) so here we go.

How many bits do you need to build a Forgefiend?

My bits box is far from empty but it is running low on big murder robot bits. So I’ll have to be creative here. The base of this conversion is the Troglodon head (spare part after building the Carnosaurus from the Seraphon Start Collecting box) and the two Hades Autocannons left over from my first Maulerfiend. That is basically it. No legs, no torso, no engine, no … well, you get the picture. This will be a long project.

You can call me Legs.

I started off by building the legs. They are done with plasticard rods and tubes. I will Green Stuff muscles and mutation for the Daemon Engine feel and I’ll do some armour plates on the lower legs as well. The feet will be a problem, I can’t decide – I’ll either try and sculpt some hooves like the proper Forgefiend model have or I’ll do some clawed feet. I’m leaning toward claws. It will set it apart from the original (and I think it’ll be easier to make it look really cool).

I didn’t have a base so I sketched one just to get a sense of size and scale.
Yeah, it will be a long project.

I still haven’t figured out what to do when it comes to connecting the legs to the body. I need to start building the body first. Oh man, how I am going to do the body?

That’s it for now.

7 thoughts on “WIP: Forgefiend Conversion part 1

  1. Woah, ambitious project dude! Maybe you could look at taking a Toyhammer approach? There must be some cheepy dinosaur/monster/robot toys out there that can provide useful patrs…

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    1. I think I’ll stick to plasticard and Green Stuff if I can’t find bits to use. I got some ideas for the ribcage at least (using Tyranid arms, don’t know if I can pull it off). I want to keep this project as close to zero budget as possible.

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    1. Cheers mate! Yeah, a lot of stuffs happened from part 1 to 11. To me, it only really came together after the last paint session. Now it’s a complete piece. I’m really psyched for the showcase post. 😄


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