Long Live the Four-Armed Emperor – part 4 Formation

So we’ve looked at all the entires and no limos in sight. Disappointed? I don’t know. The Genestealer limousine (yes, it’s an actual limo) is a funny throwback to a different 40k-universe. I think it would be extremely hard to pull it off in the vastly more grim dark setting that 40k has evolved into. A more Taurox type vehicle is more likely, I guess. A heavy industrial look would fit the theme better. Just as long as the use of the vehicle is limited to the Hybrids. But hey, we’re not here to wishlist or dream of cruising around in limos.

Ghosar Quintus Broodkin

Genestealer Hybrids poster

The Broodkin is a formation that allows you to field all the units as a battle forged army. The formation has a fixed point value, 600 points, which is odd since the individual unit also adds up to … 600. Simple at least. The formation got four special rules to which all units get access. All units get Infiltrate, Stealth, Ambush the Unhallowed and Broodmind Telepathy. The first two are solid and solve a lot of problems with which the individual units struggled. But the other two make the Broodkin unique (and a lot better).

Ambush the Unhallowed give the infiltrating Broodkin units Shrouded until the star of turn two. All infiltrating units can attempt to assault on turn one. Yes! But wait, it gets better – the Patriarch and the Purestrain can infiltrate close to the enemy, 1″ away just like the Manufactorum Genestealers. 1″ away and can assault on turn one. Please, please, please add this to a revised version of the Manufactorum formation. Unless you face an opponent maximizing the Ignore Cover rule you have pretty good survivabilty turn one and a good threat range. I’m looking forward to putting the formation to use.

The mighty, mighty Partiarch (disguise as a Slann).
The Broodmind Telepathy is also strong, whilst the Patriarch is alive all models in the formation gain both Fearless and Adamantium Will. Solid too.

This formation lifts the Broodkin to another level and will mesh well with the rest of your Tyranids. The Genestealer Cult rises up to disrupt and weaken the planetary defenses while the swarm approaches, rules and background in one package. I’m impressed by this formation in more than one way.

The Temple of the Four-Armed Emperor bring gifts to the people.
That sums up the run down of the Genestealer Cult release. At least this far. I hope that Games Workshop gives me a reason to go back and revise these articles.

Until then – Long Live the Four-Armed Emperor!

UPDATE! The rules are out, free for download on Games Workshop’s webpage, check them out:


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    1. I just saw that the Deathwatch’s 40k rules are out on the GW webpage so I guess that the Broodkin’s rules will be available next week on the latest. Free download ftw!

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