Long Live the Four-Armed Emperor – part 3 Elites

The last two units in the Ghosar Quintus Genestealer Cult are found the in the Elites section. Only problem is that one of them aren’t even an actual part of the Cult. More on that in a bit. The Elites of the Genestealer Cult are Aberrant Hybrids and the Purestrain Genestealers.

The Brothers Aberrant


The Aberrants are mutated monstrosities from the bottom of the harrowing Great Pit. With WS4, S5, two attacks and Rending Claws; Aberrants are the Cult’s heavy hitters and that’s without factoring in heavy ming gear they are carrying into battle. Armed with unwieldy power tools this unit packs a mean punch. There are two different set power tools – Power Pick (S+2 ap3 unwieldy) and Power Hammer (S+3 ap2 unwieldy, concussive, two-handed, specialist weapon). The Power Pick gives you an extra attack and the Power Hammer allow you to take out any enemy unit, including AV14. Impressive but slow, thankfully the Aberrants got survivability.

Toughness 4 is good, combined with two wounds and Feel no Pain, it’s pretty swell. They will have problems marching across the an open battlefield but used as a backfield counter-attackers they will shine. Their presence will create a no-go zone around them.


While the Aberrants are both pretty survivable and hit hard I’m not sold on the unit. They are expensive at 120 points for four Aberrants and quite frankly the abundance of rending attacks solve most the problems that you might want the Aberrants to deal with. And the models are a bit so and so. I’m not feeling Genestealer Cult when I’m looking at them. Those Hulk Hogan arms are more fitting for a Lost and the Damned Mutant Brute than Genestealer Hybrid.

The Purestrain Princelings


I believe that this is what a revised Genestealer entry in a new Tyranid codex will look like. And yes, I’m certain that Genestealers will remain in the Tyranid faction. The unit description states that the Purestrain is not a part of the Cult itself but a Tyranid Vanguard organism. Not the strongest chain of evidence but I hope I’m right.

So what has changed? Well, they didn’t get assault grenades nor did they get cheaper. They got more expensive. The new Genestealer is off to the best start, is it? For one additional point the Geneatealer retains its old statline, Rending Claws and set of Special Rules and get Hit and Run and Stealth on top of that. Not too shabby.

In the Broodkin list, the Purestrain are a 30 points two model unit. I’m not seeing this getting carried over to the Tyranid codex but I think I would like to see that. Two Genestealers are still quite deadly in close combat, they can be used soak overwatch and threaten enemy backlines. Cheap, small, throwaway.

The models are probably the same the Genestealers from Space Hulk box. Brilliant but nothing new. But are they based on 32 mm bases? Sure looks like that. Hahaha, damn. I’ll add my 60+ Genestealers to my 50+ Chaos Space Marines awaiting re-basing.

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