The Darkstar Gambit Battle Report

The Tau Breacher Teams ventured into the claustrophobic darkness of the space station. They had sent their Kroot allies in advance, they would scout and circle back to ambush the enemy. The Fire Warriors were calmed by the presence of the Ethereal, the buzzing sound of the surrounding Drone Net and the screaming retrothrusters of the Crisis suits flanking them. The constant flow of data readings began to plot and map the maze like corridors and vaults of the Darkstar.

First the enemy probed them with lesser numbers; individual broods of Genestealers assault the Tau but was quickly dealt with and destroyed. They pushed on knowing that the enemy lurked in the shadows. The enemy fell upon them with a ferocious hunger. Tau lines were compromised as the massive fire protocols proved insufficient to stop the aliens and the Tau were shreded.


The Zone Mortalis games yesterday were a blast. I got surprised by the Tau list, it had the Drone Net formation, four six drone units, all drones had bs3), a few Breacher Fire Warriors, ten Kroot, two separate Crisis suits (one with plasma, one with flamers) and an Etheral. Same list for all three battles. The list unleashes a insane amount of shots. Yikes!

Battle 1.
One objective.


I set up in the quarter with the objective went first. I centered my contingent around the objective. The tau set-up defensively in his quarter. Looking at all those gun drones I started to feel uneasy and quite frankly like I didn’t know how to win it.


First turn was really passive. I shuffled my units around a bit and the Tau moved up taking out the spore mines. In second turn I moved up with my king of critters brood (prime and rippers) and engaged the Tau head on, I also charged some drones with my Genestealers. I lost three Genestealer to overwatch (drones have I4 and can easily pass the initiative test and fire at full BS), and thus failed the charge. I rolled 3, twice. Dang. That wasn’t good.


The Prime on the other passed armour save like a boss and soak almost all the overwatch fire from almost half the tau contingent. Excellent. The only problem was that I forgot to multicharge and just charged a drones unit. Destroyed it and got left hanging there. Hahaha.


The Tau promptly went on to destroy me and I hung in for another turn before calling it. Tau victory.

Tau 1
Tyranids 0

Battle 2.
Two objectives.


We placed one objective in each deployment quarter and tau set up first only to give me first turn. The Great Mother (tervigon) herself reared up and claimed the objective in my quarter. I placed the prime and warriors on the edge and moved up to engage the Tau. Was I about to do the same mistake as last time? The mother gave me twelve gants.


The Tau stormed out of their quarter to intercept my block of warriors. The Breacher team shot a gazillion shots but I lucked out and only took a couple of wounds.
Next turn I used the gants to soak the overwatch before I moved up and killed everything with my warrior. I got 13 more gants and the mother was still fertile. My Lictor also arrived from reserves and killed the Ethereal. Pure assassin.


The Tau scrambled to get in the game. The plasma Crisis shot up the Lictor, scoring three wounds. With only a 6+ Stealth save I was ready to pick the Lictor off the board but I roll my dice. And score, not one, not two but three sixes. I continued to hunt down the Tau, losing a few models and units but not the grip of the battle. The Tau conceded.


Tau 1
Tyranids 1

Battle 3.
Three objectives.


The three objective were scattered across the pitch, with one in each deployment zone and one in the middle. The Tau set up first right on the edge on their quarter. I set up more defensively. My Carnifex was trapped in my quarter, yet again. I got to go first.


I act really defensively and do next to nothing. The Tau move up to claim the center objective with drones and Crisis suits. They jump around and put wounds on several units. I counter by pushing my Broodlords and Genestealers in from the flank. I manage to pin several units and charge in. I even send my Zoanthropes (who otherwise amounted to nothing) into close combat to tie up a Crisis suit.


The fire warriors shot up my Lictor bringing it down to one wound, I made another 6+ save! But the fire warriors decided to bring the fight to the assassin organism. I downed two before they killed it. WTF!?! A Lictor killed by Tau Fire Warriors. That, my friends, is true Lictor Shame. But the gunline was broken. I was in close combat and completely controlled the match. The tau had lost, and they knew it. Tyranids win!


Tau 1
Tyranids 2

The Tyranids win the game. Yes, fish is back on the menu!


Zone Mortalis is one of the most fun ways to play 40k. It is intense and action-packed, you basically skip 1-2 turns of ranged fire. The tight corridors and narrow fire lines create a diffrent game. If you haven’t played in a Zone Mortalis you need to try it out. It’s awesome.


6 thoughts on “The Darkstar Gambit Battle Report

  1. Even being on the loosing team it was good fun. This was the first time playing Zone Mortalis but definitely not the last. At the very least it gives me a good reason to buy some vespids 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You should bring Broadsides too. No LOS weapons rock in the Zone (I might pick up some Hive Guard for that exact reason). And I’ll have to finish the board. Fully painted and detailed would lift the experience.


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