War Zone Hague: The Darkstar Gambit

Oh my, where did the last month go? Lots of work, sick kids (don’t worry, just common colds and stuff like that), and your garden variety real life engagement has left me with little hobby time. I’ve been struggling to get my nids table top ready and getting a new 8*4 table done for our games and beers weekender in March. Too much to do and not enough time. Blogging has not been at the top of my to-do list. Yeah, you all know the drill.

But I’m gonna get a game in this sunday. I’ll face the Tau with my Vanguard Tyranids in the pitch black darkness of the Darkstar Space Stations narrow corridors. We’ll be playing the Darkstar Gambit mission from the War Zone Hague: Survival campaign. It’s Zone Mortalis type mission played out on my still not yet finished DIY Zone Mortalis board. Sure the board (and some of the models in my army) lack paint, but it’ll be awesome.

The mission is quite simple, you pick an army and then split into three contingents. You play three battles in the Zone, one contingent per battle. Victory conditions are a combination of Objectives and Kill points. The one who wins the most battles win the game.

We have decided to play the mission at 1850 points. My list consists of two CAD and I split it these three contingents:

The Great Mother of the Darkstar Brood



Prime, Venomthrope, 2* Genestealers, Rippers, Spore Mines, Carnifex

Tervigon, Prime, Lictor, Venomthrope, Warriors, 2* Spore Mines


Lictor, Venomthrope, Zoanthropes, 2* Genestealers with Broodlord, Mucolid, Carnifex

Here’s a shot of the table.


Wish me luck!

Nom nom nom


6 thoughts on “War Zone Hague: The Darkstar Gambit

  1. Pyrovores would be great in that ZM. Will you be doing a post on how you built the ZM. Devour those fish heads. There is no love lost for those pests.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, pyrovores would be awesome but unfortunately I don’t have any. I might do a post on the ZM board, not sure if I have any pictures from the early stages of the build.


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