WIP: Converted Tyranid Shrikes, part 1

I’ve started to convert my Tyranid Shrikes. Progress has been slow since I decided to start painting the rest of the vanguard swarm. I bought the new Zandri Dust spray and base painted most of the army in one go. That saved a lot of time compared to painting each model by hand. I wasn’t sure if I could use Zandri Dust as a base paint instead of Rakarth Flesh but two thin layers of Sceaming Skull and the difference is really acceptable, hardly noticeable at all. If you paint your Hive Fleet Leviathan Duncan Rhodes style (Black primer -> Rakarth Flesh -> Sceaming Skull -> Pallid Wych Flesh), consider switching from Rakarth Flesh to Zandri Dust.

Back to the Shrike conversions; I started out by doing the wings. I used the Rending Claw arms and cut off the spikey bits on the forearms and elbow. I drilled holes where the spikey had been and an additional hole on the side of the hand. I cut some copper wire, five pieces, about 35 mm to 20 mm long, and attached the pieces to the arm.


After bending them into place and super-glueing them I cut out the actual wing from some really thin plasticard. I’ll texture the wings using Green Stuff and Liquid Green Stuff. The wings got some extra plasticard to connect them to body, behind the upper arm. I wanted to do this separately to get a good fit but I’m not sure if it was the right call. I might do it differently on the later ones.


I also prepared the arms with a small pin. This will help holding it in place once I glue it to the body. Speaking of the body, I did quite a lot of work on it. I got my Dremel out and began to re-work the profile of the chitin and carapace. The shoulder piece got trimmed down to create a sleaker look (Shrikes only have a 5+ save). I also removed the whole part protecting the neck on the back. This both helps with the overall look and enables me to reposition the head. I want my Shrikes to look like they are soring through the sky rather than just jumping from place to place.


Finally I cut up the Carnifex Crushing Claw. I’ll sculpt a tail underneath the chitin plates streaching back 15 mm or so.


I wanted to share my progression  so far. It is a fun project but I have to put it on the back-burner. The painting must progress. On a gaming side of things – which Bio-cannon, if any, should I equip the brood with a Barbed Strangler (s4 large blast) or a Venom Cannon (s6 small blast)? The rest of the brood will carry Deathspitters.



Nom nom nom


6 thoughts on “WIP: Converted Tyranid Shrikes, part 1

    1. Yeah, the Barbed Strangler was and is my goto choice for Warriors. But then I started thinking about deep striking them behind enemy lines and suddenly the Venom Cannon looked a lot better as it more reliably can hurt rear armour. But the strangler is more multipurpose.


  1. Devourer’s probably have a better chance on rear armour just based on the volume of shots. There’s my bias and it is probably because of my history of bad dice luck. Throw a lot of dice and the sheer volume should overcome bad dice luck.

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