More Tyranid organisms spawning

In my quest to use as much of the bits available on the often jam packed sprues I’ve gathered these bits. Just like when you’re cooking; where leftovers can often make great meals, bits can make great conversions. You just need to put some effort into it.


The leftovers I’ve here are three Tyranid Warrior (that kit has an insane amount of bits) heads and torsos (two prime and one grunt). Three Carnifex crushing claws, three pairs of Warrior rending claws, two Deathspitters, a Barbed Strangler and three sets of Genestealer scything talons. I also pulled out a sheet of thin plasticard, some copper wire, green stuff, liquid green stuff, glue and what not.

Goldstar to whoever guesses what organism is spawning on my table. I’ll give you a clue – it’s fast but really sub-optimal in the end.

10 thoughts on “More Tyranid organisms spawning

  1. If I were, hypothetically, to buy a box of Tyranids, which box should I start with? I think I may have told you before that I’ve always thought the Nids are cool but never been interested to build/paint them. You my friend, have changed my mind. Don’t know where to start. In answer to your question I think you’re going to make a little Gremlin. Like from the movie in the 80’s. Great movie!

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    1. I would buy the Start Collecting! kit. Great value and good models (from the super-competative flyrant to the, err, awesome looking warriors). From there you can find cheap Carnifex kits on ebay if you want monsters or get the Swarm box if you want a horde army. You can build and play Tyranids in so many ways.

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      1. Ahh yes of course. Those new kits are good value. I was tempted to buy several in one week haha. Thanks mate. I really like the idea of swarms of Nids charging at a small guard outpost. Like Starship troopers!!!


    1. Hahaha

      I’ll try and do the wings using plasticard and green stuff. The rending claw arms will hold the wings. Still trying to figure out how big the wing spann ought to be.


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