The Deathleaper and a Lictor

More Tyranid stuff coming right up. I just finished off some conversions that had been gathering dust. I started these a while back but never got around to finish them. Not until now that is.


Both the Deathleaper and the Lictor are based off Tyranid Warriors. I wanted a sleaker profile on them compared to the Warriord to represent the weaker arnour save. I slimmed the model down a bit by cutting off the shoulder carapace and by re-sculpting the top of the back. I also cut down on the heads and fixed some Cthulhu tentacles on the face. One with Green Stuff (Lictor) and one with a Genestealer face (Deathleaper).





The Scything Talons needed to be big but I didn’t want to grab a set of talons from the Carnifex kit and call it a day. I wanted big talons but not too big. On the Deathleaper I used the small talon from the Carnifex kit (wait, what!?). I cut it down in size and stuck it on Rending Claw arms. Big but not too big. The Lictor’s talon are made from the talons in the Warrior box, I just elongated them and beefed up the arms a bit.



Neither the Deathleaper nor the Lictor looks exactly the way I want them to but they will do. They still look pretty cool. Any thoughts?


10 thoughts on “The Deathleaper and a Lictor

  1. Well you know I love nids Thomas, but there is one thing I have problems with and it the hoofs. Dont know why, but I think it gives the modell the look of chaos ( eg beastmen from fantasy). I think hoofs works well on smaller models like gaunts, but on larger I prefer snaketail.
    This has nothing to do with your conversion, sweet as always, its a nid issue :).
    Looking forward to our evening of tactic talk and painting. Maybe you can show me how to use green stuff too.
    Keep up the good work!

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    1. Thanks. I like the hoves on both warriors and big monsters like the Carnifex and the Tyrannofex but I see what you mean. On these two I would have prefered something in the line of the feet of the Spawn of Cryptus (new Broodlord model). Something that would make it possible for it too sneak about or climb or you know act like an assassin organism.

      We’ll give green stuff a crack once you get around.


    1. Thanks buddy!

      There’s a couple of things I would change but I deemed to difficult (or just plain time-consuming) really:
      More dynamic poses, like I did with the Broodlord.
      Thining the carapace and chitin on the back and legs to create a even slimmer model.
      Cooler feet (see my other comment).

      But still, they are cool enough and fun to make.

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  2. Good call making your own talons. The Carnifex talons would not of worked. Have you played with Death Leaper yet? It’s a fun model. Good to cause terror. It is has yet to do anything meaningful in my games other then bring a lot of focused fire and try to survive to deliver the Mawloc. Still fun to play though.

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    1. Thanks. I felt straightaway that there wasn’t any proper talon to use straight out of the box.

      I have yet to play with the Deathleaper, he’s a lot of points for very situational use but I like him. I think it will be fun to wreck the leadership of guard blobs and just use the fear factor to my advantage. And guide the Sporefield.

      It will probably just die horribly and actually do next to nothing. 🙂


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