Tutorial: Hague Strain Zoanthropes

Of all the horrors that Leviathan released on Hague none where more feared than the Zoanthrope Broods. For the Zoanthropes were the indomitable Hive Mind’s psychic might made flesh. As they floated across the battlefields of Hague only death followed.

After building the three Venomthropes in the box you are left with almost all the bits you need to build the Zoanthropes too. Almost. To finish the Zoanthropes you need to do a bit of sculpting. This is how I did my Hague Strain Zoanthropes:

1. Build the head and the back. Glue them together.


2. Chest piece. Add a small ball of Green Stuff and make the chest. Ribs are easy to make but you can make it smooth like flesh or covered in chitin.


3. Spore vent things on the back. First I tried to sculpt some normal vents but I couldn’t make them any good so I decided to go for some psychic conduit things. Wire and Green Stuff. Simple.


4. Prepare the tail. I used a piece plasticard pipes, about 5-6 cm. I reinforced the pipe with some thin wire inside the pipe. Not sure if it is necessary but I think it helps holding the bent shape in place. It won’t hurt anyway. Once the pipes were prepared I just bent them in a S-shape, mimicing the tail in the box.


5. Lets start sculpting the tail. Fairly simple Green Stuff job. Did some chitin plates at the back and some holes running down the sides. I sculpted the tail in two sessions, allowing it to cure in between. I also used Green Stuff to fix the tail to the base.


6. Add six arms per Zoanthrope and you are done. I did a really rough sculpt for the small arm on the tail. Yeah, that’s pretty bad but hopefully it will not show that much once it’s painted.


7. Voila!



Ok, not much of a tutorial this time. Use the vits you’ve got and sculpt the rest. But still, with a little work and some Green Stuff you effectively cut the piece of the box with about 50 %. That’s a pretty good deal and the Hague Strain Zoanthropes look decent at least. Check out the War Zone Hague: Survival campaign I wrote for more Tyranid action.



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