WIP: Chaos Legion Praetor Conversion part 2

I’ve finished building, sculpting and converting my brand new Chaos Legion Praetor. First thing I did was to shorten and slightly reposition the arms and mace. You guys didn’t make it easy for me as I had a hard time deciding from the start. Some of thought that I should keep arms and mace as they were and some of thought that I should shorten them. My gut said shorten them and I just went with it.


And once you start cutting you’re basically past the point of no return and all you can do is push forward. I still think it was the right call, the more compact feel of the model adds to its brutally. Hopefully you dig it too.

Next thing I wanted to do, was to keep the model kind of generic regarding its alignment. Most of the time I pick one of the Dark Gods that I want the model to follow and go all in. Now I went all in regarding its Gift of Mutation instead. Tentacles, tentacles, tentacles. Everywhere tentacles.




I roughed up the cloak a bit, some holes, rough edges and a layer of Liquid Green Stuff to create a more textured and worn surface.



Death to the False Emperor!

13 thoughts on “WIP: Chaos Legion Praetor Conversion part 2

  1. He’s a beast! Great sculpting, this is actually first time I’ve seen liquid green stuff in use… Looks super neat. Is that easy to apply to smooth out cracks and holes in a miniature too?

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  2. Cheers!

    Liquid Green Stuff has the consistancy of really thick paint. So you got fairly good control over it when you apply it. I use the plastic sculpting tool in the Citadel Tool box but you could probably use an old paint brush too. I find it easy to use for gap filling. Much easier than normal Green Stuff. But cured Liquid Green Stuff is nowhere near as hard as normal Green Stuff.

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  3. I’m getting caught up on posts. I added a comment on your previous WIP so just ignore it. The mace looks a lot better now with what you have done to it.

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  4. Nice one – you’ve really got a knack for taking GW’s plastic characters and turning them into Chaos marines. Looking forward to seeing this guy standing shoulder to shoulder with the Khorne lord from AoS.

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