WIP: Chaos Legion Praetor Conversion part 1

Is there anyone who can resist the call of the Horus Heresy? With the release of the Betrayal at Calth I find that nigh impossible. I still haven’t picked the game up but I got my hands on the Terminator Captain or Legion Praetor as it is also called (I think, I’m not at all up to speed with 30k titles and names). Just a disclaimer, I’m not starting a Horus Heresy army but a cool model is a cool model. So lets get cracking, we got some converting to do.

Foto 2016-01-08 23 54 18

Foto 2016-01-09 00 03 03

The Legion Praetor is off course way too fancy and pretty for my Lords of Ascension Chaos Space Marines warband. He needs some mutations and a more corrupted feel. The model itself is just as brilliantly designed as all new single pose models these days. Games Workshop are really spoiling us with both variety and quality. Unlike some of the Age of Sigmar chaos characters the pose is controlled and restricted. I like the way he holds the combi-melta. Very commanding. I’ll keep it that way.

Foto 2016-01-08 23 56 18

Foto 2016-01-09 00 03 55

One thing I won’t keep is that pretty boy face. The glorious days of the Great Crusade are after all dead and gone. I found this Plaguebearer head in my bits box. I will try and use the mouth only rather than the whole head. I think it will look scary, wierd and cool but it’ll be tricky to mesh the pieces. The head is very obscured by the armour, so as long I don’t completely botch it, it’ll be ok I guess.

Foto 2016-01-09 00 03 29



The Chainfist looks ok and it’s decently useful but I’m not going to keep it. Instead I’m going to use the arm(s) with the Tzeentch icon but I’ll be doing so Green Stuff work on the arms to make them less Tzeentch and more generic chaos mutation. Icon will be turned into a badass mace/maul/stave. The Warp Talon jump pack wings things will make up the weapon. It is maybe a bit too long at the moment. I maybe should shorten it a cm or so. What do you think?


The biggest problem with the Pink Horror arms are their length. They are at least 50 % longer than the Legion Praetor’s arms. Mutated or not, it looks a bit off. Doesn’t it? Should I keep the arm length or should I shorten them a bit?


Any thoughts?


16 thoughts on “WIP: Chaos Legion Praetor Conversion part 1

  1. Nice kitbash so far. This is actually my least favourite fig from the Calth set since it is the hardest to do too much converting, so heroic effort on your part for having been so bold! The most I managed was to swap the head for a normal armoured one. Might work better with a reduced length banner?

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  2. That’s a great kit-bash, although not keen on the tabard. I really like what you did with the plaguebearer head though, that’s a really good idea…might steal that…

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    1. It was a hassle to try and fit the head and the mouth. I still need to clean up the sculpt but I think it will look cool in the end.

      Hopefully the tabard will make more sense once I’ve gone over the rest of model.

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    1. Not too long? I’m thinking of cutting off the staff part at the end, between the hand and the rings. And the do the same at the top part, cutting the part over the hand and below the mace’s head. I think it would give the mace a more brutal feel.


      1. It’s 40k. IS it long enough??? I’d put it among other models to see if you like the look of scale.

        Something like the mace will make the character really stand out in actual game play, as it’ll be like a beacon of friggin awesome standing out. So all ways work!

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  3. The arms look like they need to do some more curls in the gym. They look a little scrawny for how bulky the mace looks. I think the mace should be shortened as well with the head be lowered closer the the top arm. At the end of the day though go with what your heart tells you.

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  4. Out of curiosity what did you use for the top part of the head? Is it the top part of the praetor’s head? They look to be a pretty close fit (and if so the effect of adding a plaguebearer’s mouth to space marine heads is simply too gnarly not to explore!)

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    1. Yeah, it is the Praetor’s own head. I cut out a piece below the nose and added the Plaguebearer’s mouth. It was fiddly as you can imagine but with some green stuff it all came out ok. The head and face will look wicked once painted.

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      1. Yeah, I thought it might be a bit fiddly. Still the effect is pretty awesome, so something to explore all the same (and frankly if I didn’t want things that were a bit fiddly and led to me dropping stuff, swearing a lot, various minor injuries and the regular consumption of small amounts of paint I should have got a different hobby should I?)

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