Chitin and Claw – part 5 Hive Vanguard

Games Workshop’s new Start Collecting boxes will be released this Saturday. With hefty discounts, decent combinations of units and new formations what is not to like? Well, maybe the burning urge to pick up a box or two and start another army. The Tyranid box consists of a Hive Tyrant, a unit of Warriors and a unit Gargoyles. You basically get the Warriors for free. The box includes a formation too – the rules are all over the internet so lets check it out.


Hive Vanguard
The formation consists of one Hive Tyrant, one unit of Tyranid Warriors and a unit of Gargoyles. There are no restrictions so you can bring a winged Tyrant if you want. The Gargoyles gain the Swoop Forth rule allowing you remove the unit of Gargoyles from the table at start of your movement phase if they are within 18″ of the Tyrant and immediately redeploy them using Deep Strike. If you Deep Strike within 6″ of the Warriors they won’t scatter. You can even remove them if they are locked in combat.

This formation will allow you to pull some decent tricks. The ability to engage an enemy unit in close combat only to leave it is great, as you can use the speed of the Gargoyles to catch the enemy early on and move your shooty units up to destroy it while your Gargoyles escape. The ability to immediately Deep Strike without scatter is always useful, it will be an excellent way to screen a flank or reinforce parts of you backfield. Not game-breaking good but a very useful formation.


5 thoughts on “Chitin and Claw – part 5 Hive Vanguard

  1. It’s nice to not only see these bargain boxes back, but to get a formation too? I’m impressed with GW.

    Any time you can deep strike and not scatter is amazing, especially on the same turn. Being able to leave combat too, nice benefit. It really seems like a good solid formation.

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    1. The price level of the boxes are very good. Low enough to open up for a more impulse type buy. And the combination of unit, especially with the inclusion of the formation, are really good. These kind of discount boxes have almost always been plauged by really wierd match-ups and mixes. But look at the Tau one – new crisis suits, new fire warriors and a new ethereal. Or Tyranids – they put a Tyrant in the box!

      I wish they had made a CSM box, they could easily put something like terminator lord and terminators along with some raptors and bikes in a box. But alas chaos is strictly Age of Sigmar at the moment.


  2. I picked up the Cult Mechanicus box. I am chomping at the bit to paint those models. The only additions I am looking at for Tyranids are the later release like the Exocrine/Haruspex and Toxicrene/Maleceptor. I still have 20 Gargoyles unassembled in a box. The formation rule is nice.

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    1. Yeah, the formation is good. I love warriors (and midzilla in general) so I might pick it up. It’s great value.

      Is the AdMech formation any good? The tech-priest and the skitarii are great, not really sold on the dune crawler.


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