Rogue Traders, Heretics and fellow Adventurers


One of the greatest things about 40k blogging is the sense of community. From readers leaving comments to all other blogs out there that inspires you to continue. There is some seriously cool stuff being done. Here are a couple of blogs I really enjoy:

Imperial Rebel Ork – I really like the vibe of this blog. This blog feels like a joint exploration of all aspects of the 40k universe and it brings me back again and again. For the love of the hobby.


Convert or Die – With Wudugast you can bank on awesome conversions, bleak and grim looking models and loads and loads of Nurgle stuff. Don’t miss out. Seriously don’t.

Eternal Hunt – Krautscientist makes awesome conversions but you probably already knew that. Loads of cool and unconventional stuff. The Eternal Hunt is a must-read for all of us into Chaos, 40k-weirdness and conversions.

rogue trader

Creative Twilight – Check out Thor’s brilliant blog. Expect WIP stuff, painting, battle reports and Chaos Space Marines with actual Chaos Space Marines. To top things off it’s run by one of the nicest guy in the blogosphere. Hey, what’s not to like?

Leadballony – Alex captures the role-playing feel of the old Rogue Trader days with his brilliantly executed OldHammer models. But that’s not all, he does smashing conversions (like the harrowing Tick-Tock Man or the Bad Wolves) and writes cool fluff too.


These are just a few of my favorite blogs. There are plenty more. But I’ve probably missed tons of cool stuff out there. Which are you favorite blogs?


8 thoughts on “Rogue Traders, Heretics and fellow Adventurers

  1. Wow, thanks for the shout out dude, much appreciated! I follow all the above apart from Creative Twilight – a situation I intend to remedy today! You may want to check out Ironsleet… their stuff is jaw-droppingly awesome, and I’m a big fan of JB on Leadplague, and Jon on magpieandoldlead – both excellent Oldhammer dudes. I think you deserve a pat on the back too mate – I love your ‘dex insights, and your conversions are stunning (lookin’ at you Broodlord and Mordeci!). Keep on trucking dude, happy new year 🙂

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    1. I found Iron Sleet just the other day and that blog is exactly what you said – jaw-dropping awesome. The Pilgrym project blows my mind.

      I’ll habr to check out the other blogs you recommended.

      Keep it up!

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  2. That’s a wow from me too man. I almost feel a little awkward… Like errr are you sure you’re not confusing my blog with someone else’s. Like when you’re thinking of someone but text someone completely different kind of thing hehe. Thanks mate. I really appreciate your kind words. I’ve only been blogging a short while and my favourite thing about it is the feeling of community closely followed by the many sources on inspiration. All the blogs you mentioned I love. Convert or die was the first blog to make me feel both incredibly inspired and like I had a long way to go. Leadballoony inspired me to paint better. Ironsleet is like nothing I’ve ever seen. Eternal Hunt is crazy good. Like stupid crazy good!!! Haha. Another one I found recently is Opus Maius… Just wow! I enjoy your blogs and work too mate and look forward to what else you will offer us.

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  3. GMM Studios does commission work and posts some fantastic pictures. I wish I could paint that well and that fast. Before I started to paint my Carcharodons I visited The Painting Bunker a lot. Another fantastic painter. I enjoy reading the SN Battle Reports. They set the bar high on how to deliver a narrative and interesting battle report. All three are linked at the Roost.

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