Of Enginseers and Venomthropes

My brother and I decided to exchange Christmas gifts this year. We don’t do that every year but we both want some reinforcements for our armies so it felt right this year. I gave him an assault squad for his new Raven Guard army and an Enginseer for his 74th Cadian battle group. The Enginseer unlocks the extremely powerful Emperor’s Wrath Artillery Company.

Two squadrons of Basilisks, Hydras and/or Wyverns, a single Manticore or Deathstrike, a Command Squad in a Chimera or Taurox and the Enginseer. What makes this formation great is the ability to give the artillery vehicles orders, most notably the Ignores Cover one. You can even gain twin linked if you have an unit with a vox caster within 18″ of the target. Powerful indeed. It truly is a slamdunk, homerun, all-star formation. It will be fun to face it.

Thanks brother, awesome present.

In return I got a box of Venomthropes. It is an awesome box which allows you to build three Venomthropes and three Zoanthropes with just a little green stuff work. I’ll build the Venomthropes straight out of the box and convert the Zoanthropes. It shouldn’t be to difficult, almost all the important bits are in the box – the head, brain, back and arms. You just need to do a tail and a chest piece. How hard can that be? I’ll do a tutorial once I get to it.

Brain bugs!
The heads are so awesome, I wish that there was a couple extra ones for converting Lictors and the Deathleaper.

The Venomthrope is a great force multiplier and a sweet looking model. It is pretty weak with only two T4 wounds. Sure, it can handle itself in assault but nevermind learning all those fancy rules. If the Venomthrope gets into close combat either you or your opponent is doing something wrong.

You bring the Venomthrope for one reason and one reason only and that is the Spore Cloud rule. Every model within 6″ of the Venomthrope gets the Shrouded special rule. 2+ cover save galore! What’s not to like? Ignore the fact that it can be instakilled by just about everything and that Ignore Cover is not that hard to come by (see above).

Oh well. It’s an awesome model.

Mid-sized Tyranids are so cool. But T4 is just too weak really.
Creepy and toxic. Cool models.



8 thoughts on “Of Enginseers and Venomthropes

  1. They really seem to be necessary for any Tyranid player. I’ve no idea how many points they are, but it never seems a waste being on the other end of them.

    Hey, I often assault them! Then again, my typical army list relies on assault, so it’s usually my only option.

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    1. They’re ok in price, 45 points a piece. For what they do, shrouded bubble and drawing fire and marker lights, they are really worth it.

      Yeah, my chaos marines would probably end up charging them too. Seeing as I have very little ranged fire power to talk about.


    1. If they don’t have access to easy Ignore Cover (marker lights, divination et al), Venomthropes are really great. At least they’ll draw some marker lights.


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